Where Sweet Treats Meet Even Sweeter Gear

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(Obviously) Their Fab Curation of Guitars (and Audio)

Guitars applenty.

Swee Lee Music’s Managing Director and the brains behind BandLab, Kuok Meng Ru takes pride in the retail collections they bring in. I saw a line of shiny ranges from Fender, Epiphone and MONO (among many others) and it saddens me how I couldn’t play squat! Guitars go from RM500 up to RM300k; they’ve even the best audio boosters from Marshall and Bang & Olufsen to make it all sound phenomenally cool. A section of the store holds the vintage brand Well Played Gear, of which, according to Meng Ru, “Holds a certain emotional attachment, a way of expression,” as the brand celebrates artists from yesteryears.

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