FEMALE Talks To: Midnight Fusic About Music And Their New Single, ‘Caramel Cream’

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FEMALE: How did the name Midnight Fusic come about?

Midnight Fusic/Adrian: Midnight Fusic started with me and Arif. We were 13 at the time and we used to always stay up till midnight to play music and eat lots of food. That’s why ‘Fusic’ is actually a combination of food and music. We combined ‘Fusic’ and ‘Midnight’ because we used to stay up till midnight. Professionally, now it’s known as a fusion of music.

F: How did you guys originally meet? Did you guys know each other for a long time?

Midnight Fusic/Adrian: I’ve known Muaz since we were in primary school, and I met Arif when we were 13 in high school. Originally, it started with me and Arif, we were making covers on SoundCloud and YouTube and along the way, we felt like we needed a full band to complete Midnight Fusic, so we found Firdaus through a friend, and knowing he was a bassist, we brought him in the band in 2015. When we met Muaz in 2016, he didn’t know how to play the drums so we made him learn the drums to join the band and just like that, the band was complete!

F: Any particular memory you’d like to share that kickstarted your love for music?

MF: It has to be Michael Jackson. He’s our childhood hero. My parents used to collect a lot of Michael Jackson concert records. I think it was a concert in Budapest which was one of the most famous ones that I watched and that kickstarted my love for music.

F: Who are your musical influences that have made an impact on the band?

MF/Arif: It’s always evolving, but when we first started out, we looked upon The 1975, Bad Suns, and Muse. Those are the big bands that really influenced how we play and how we would style each other, but it’s always changing over the years.

MF/Muaz: It got really weird somehow because someone will be into different types of music but we would try to apply elements or influences into our own music but not stray away from what we actually sound like.

F: I would describe your music as the perfect summertime vibe. How would you describe your music to someone who’s about to watch you for the very first time?

MF/Arif: I feel like we would be a very good festival band cos I feel like that’s our sound. For festivals, we prepare more of that. We’re not only going to give a certain sound, but we’re also going to give a good visual show by explaining each song and how it goes to make people understand where we’re coming from. I feel like it’s a mixture of summertime songs and we want to keep it funky and dance-y. Imagine we’re playing ‘Lovesick’ and everyone is just standing and watching, where’s the fun in that? We feed off the energy of the crowd and we always want to perform with our crowd – it’s a two-way show!

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