FEMALE Talks To: Midnight Fusic About Music And Their New Single, ‘Caramel Cream’

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What happens when you add 4 talented lads, the midnight mood, food and music in the mix?  Well, you guessed it: Midnight Fusic! 

Comprised of Raja Arif Aizudin (rhythm guitar and vocals), Adrian Danial (lead guitar), Muaz Rabbani (drums) and Firdaus Azmi (bass), the indie rock band has garnered over one million streams and more than 50,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. If you’re familiar with their 2018 EP release ‘When Love Was Around’, no doubt you’ve bopped to their tunes from time to time, especially ‘Lovesick’. 

With their newly released song called ‘Caramel Cream’ and being a part of the highly-anticipated Good Vibes Festival coming up in Genting this weekend, it’s only natural for you to be curious about who these guys are, how the band started, their inspirations and what they would do for love. 

From left: Firdaus, Adrian, Arif and Muaz

Signed to Sony Music, the four 18-year-olds went international and performed at Indonesia’s We The Fest 2018, where they also recorded their first EP with Indonesian artist, Pijar. With the King of Pop, Michael Jackson as their childhood hero, it’s no surprise to hear soulful and upbeat musical elements in their songs.

I had the opportunity to sit down with Arif, Adrian, Firdaus and Muaz back in June and as a huge fan of their songs, it was truly a pleasure meeting them as I got to know more about these very lovable yet down-to-earth guys. 

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