FEMALE Talks To: Lukas Graham On Empowering Lyrics & The Women In His Life

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We caught up with the Danish pop band’s lead vocalist Lukas Forchhammer when they were down in KL last week and here’s what he had to say besides proclaiming his love for our food.

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“Raz, have you already ordered for dinner?” Lukas asked the Warner Music Malaysia’s PR Manager as we prepared to have our recorders turned on for the interview. I looked up at him when he said that and staring back at me was like this little kid who’s excited for his favourite meal to arrive. I obviously laughed.

If you’ve been following the band on social media, you’d know that they’ve been on quite a food journey since their Southeast Asian tour began in mid January. They might have visited five different cities (Singapore, Manila, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok and Seoul), but they dedicated four Instagram posts to Malaysian food while the others only had one. Not making this a competition or anything but #wewin.

All things food aside, the main reason why Lukas Graham came down to KL was to promote their new album and to perform in a private intimate showcase for 20 lucky fans. Chances are, you might not recognise them from their name, but we promise you’ll go “Ahhhhh” once you hear this song and this song. Sounds familiar? That’s because it was all our local radio stations would play at one point.

Lukas Graham’s global debut track 7 Years racked up over 23 million units in worldwide consumption. It hit number one in 13 different countries and earned the band three GRAMMY Award nominations. Their latest album, 3 (The Purple Album) introduces a new lead single titled Love Someone and it follow in the footsteps of that breakout hit, as it peaked at #5 on the Spotify Malaysia charts (currently #7), amassing over 94 million streams and 65 million YouTube views to date.

FEMALE: You said that this new album is filled with inspiration from your girlfriend, your daughter, your mum and your sisters. Can you share what it means to you as a man to be surrounded by strong female figures and your thoughts about what a man’s role is in women empowerment?

Lukas: “I was raised by very, very powerful women. My grandmothers are still alive, one is 91 and the other is 93. My mum has three sisters and I have a lot of female cousins. Growing up in Denmark, I think we live in quite a gender-equal society so it was hard to notice any differences, but once I got a daughter, I really felt that even such an equal country like Denmark treated women unfairly. As for a man’s role in women empowerment, all I have to say is, either you agree with the fact that we’re equal or you’re not a nice person.”

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