FEMALE Exclusive: Interview With Anne-Marie

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Ahead of the announcement of her highly-anticipated debut album ‘Speak Your Mind’ (set for release on 27 April this year!), I had the chance to sit down with British singer-songwriter, Anne-Marie, when she was in Singapore earlier this month for a showcase.

Photo: Daniel Malikyar
Anne-Marie also debuted her new single new single, FRIENDS, (ft Marshmello) at the showcase in Singapore.

The first time I truly paid attention to Anne-Marie was when Rockabye, came out. I’ve heard her songs (like Alarm) on the radio before, but it wasn’t until that hit collaboration with Clean Bandit did I start to Google who this Essex, England-born chart-topper was.

Turns out, this 26-year-old is a Karate expert and a West End musical child star! She rose to fame when she became Rudimental’s live vocalist for two years and made a name for herself as a solo artist when her debut EP was released back in 2015.

During her private performance at the Apple Store on Orchard Road,Singapore, fans and media alike got to see the singer-songwriter in a more intimate setting – and I can definitely vouch that she is as adorable and bubbly in person as when she’s on stage. If you caught our Insta-stories that night, you would’ve been able to see how amazing she sounds live, her hilarious facial expressions and exaggerated hand gestures whenever she was trying to emphasise a sentence in a song.

My favourite part was when she joked about how she’s singing “yet another angry song” after performing Ciao Adios and Alarm. Nonetheless, it was when she explained how her new song FRIENDS came about did the whole room crack up: “This song is about a friend whom I grew up with. He is my friend, but he wants to be my boyfriend. I know it’s sad but I’m like “Yo, I told you about a hundred times, we’re just friends” but he doesn’t get the point so I wrote a song about it. Sorry Joe.”

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FEMALE: Rockabye was a crazy hit worldwide! Did you and Clean Bandit go out to celebrate when it was announced as the UK’s 2017 Christmas No.1 single?

Anne-Marie: “Yes! I think I was doing a promo tour in Berlin at the time and just when we were about to get on the plane, we found out that the song got to number 1. So we definitely had a lot of fun on the plane.”

F: Is there anyone else out there that you’d love to collaborate with?

AM: “At the moment I would really love to collaborate with Logic. He’s a really positive and great person and I think we need more music like that.”

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