9 Relatable Songs That’ll Make You Cry

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Billboard hit singles aside, there’s always one hidden track in every album that rises as the underdog because of its well written lyrics.

We all have specific genres when it comes to the music we choose to listen to. A pop playlist for when we’re cleaning the house, smooth jazz when we’re cooking, a dance remix for when our friends come over and another compilation of all our throwback favourites (think Westlife, Spice Girls and BSB) for when we’re driving alone in the car.

So while I do enjoy listening to EDM or party music where the songs make 0 to less sense, there are days when my brains prefer to indulge in something softer, something that tugs that string in my heart and makes me wonder “what if”.

A well-written song is like reading a storybook without the hundreds of pages and a well produced music video is like watching a movie without the hours of sitting in the cinema waiting for the climax. Those singers in Hollywood are just like us, and nothing proves that more than when they choose to write things that comes from their heart.

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