5 Things We Learned About DNCE When They Came To Kuala Lumpur

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We sat down for an intimate group chat with the band, and attended their very first concert in Malaysia too! 



You might have heard the totally catchy song ‘Cake By The Ocean’ playing all over radio stations in late 2015, and then Googled the unfamiliar name of the performers: DNCE. Upon Googling, you might have recognised a very familiar face – one that has been featured in almost every single magazine directed at teenage girls back in the 2000s.

Fun fact: This music video was co-directed by Joe’s then-girlfriend Gigi Hadid!

Yet, Joe Jonas has come a long way since his days as one-third of The Jonas Brothers, the hunky musical sibling-trio who brought out pop hits such as ‘Burnin’ Up’ and ‘S.O.S.’ (also, who can forget the classic Disney flick Camp Rock?). DNCE is still undeniably pop, but deviates from the PG, boppy hits that Joe used to perform with his brothers, Nick and Kevin. Upon forming DNCE, Joe brought in drummer Jack Lawless, who formerly drummed for The Jonas Brothers; bassist Cole Whittle, the once-bassist of rock band Semi-Precious Weapons; and guitarist JinJoo Lee, who has toured with Charli XCX, Jordin Sparks and JoJo. Together, they’ve produced summer hits that you’re more likely to dance along to in clubs and bars, rather than sing into your hairbrush in your bedroom when you think no one’s home (we’ve all been there). With riskier- but equally as fun- lyrics, an album that just hit platinum yesterday and a wacky ‘party’ vibe you can’t help but love, we think this band is here to stay. No matter how much we loved The Jonas Brothers back in the day, we’re glad to see the new take on pop that DNCE has to offer!

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