The Real Story Of The Cartier Diamond Necklace In Ocean’s 8

In the newest entry in the successful Ocean’s franchise, Debbie Ocean (Sandra Bullock) puts together an all-woman crew to pull off a seemingly impossible heist at the star-studded Met Gala. And the target of the Ocean’s 8 con? The Toussaint—a legendary Cartier diamond necklace to be worn by actress Daphne Kluger (Anne Hathaway).

For this very special order, Cartier tasked their best jewelers to craft the perfect necklace for the film. And while the Toussaint necklace was created just for this movie, it actually has its roots in some very interesting history.

The “Jeanne Toussaint” Necklace

The necklace you see in the film is a tribute to Jeanne Toussaint, Cartier’s Creative Director in the 1930’s. Throughout her career, she favored Indian style as a source of inspiration amongst others, paying homage to the splendor and opulence of the Maharajas.

The original necklace it was based on was designed in 1931 for the Maharaja of Nawanagar by Jacques Cartier. Described as “the finest cascade of colored diamonds in the world, it featured a string of coloured diamonds, including the Queen of Holland, an amazing 136.25-carat blue-white diamond. As it no longer exists, Cartier used drawings and photographs of the piece from their archives to recreate the Toussaint necklace.

In the film, the Toussaint is comprised of colorless diamonds, with zirconium oxide replacing the colored diamonds, on a mount of white gold.  The necklace is also almost 20% smaller than its original inspiration, as it had to be adjusted to Anne Hathaway’s measurements. After all, it was initially designed for a man!

Keep an eye out for it when you catch the new Ocean’s 8 film in cinemas now!