7 Questions We Want Answers For in Orange Is the New Black’s Fifth Season!

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No big deal, but Season 5 of one of our fave shows ever, Orange Is the New Black (fondly dubbed OITNB by fans), comes out on Netflix this Friday! While we binge-watch previous episodes in preparation for the latest season, here’s what we hoping to find out next! 

Hands up if you’re an OITNB fan! If you aren’t much of a TV buff and haven’t heard of or seen this wildly popular show, I’m here to introduce it to you! Based on a memoir written by author Piper Kerman, who was imprisoned for felony money-laundering, the series follows the lives of women in an all-female prison. Season One largely focused on several of the prisoners’ back-stories, and introduced fans to the largely hostile prison environment (shared showers, underground operations, horrible prison guards and the works). The later seasons exposed all the juicy secrets happening within the prison, involving both the incarcerated and those in charge. I gotta admit, I can’t stop munching on my popcorn when I’m watching this show!

Here’s a teaser of what to expect in the near future!

The show’s previous seasons have been heralded for promoting inclusivity: there are cast members of different races, orientations and sizes with different stories to tell. OITNB also tackles pretty gritty and deep issues, such as basic human rights, the wrecked prison system, drug problems, gender identity and racial tension to name a few. Sounds pretty serious, but what makes the show great is that it never fails to include humour in every episode! My favourite thing about the show is its honesty; despite all the drama that goes on behind bars, each character is shown to have flaws and are fighting their own battles. Of course, I’ve got a couple of issues on my mind that I just need resolving- read on if you feel like taking a trip down OITNB memory lane!

Warning: Spoilers from previous seasons ahead. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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