Live from #SDCC2017: 5 Things To Expect From The Kingsman Sequel


It’s day one of the 2017 San Diego Comic Con and what better way to kick things off than by starting with a panel of the most anticipated sequel this year! I’m talking about Kingsman 2: The Golden Circle!

So many things happened during the panel! Commentator Jonathan Ross made us laugh with his trademark kooky sense of humour. Channing Tatum wore a shirt that showcased his trademark biceps. Jeff Bridges looking slightly high throughout. Taron Edgerton and Colin Firth’s English banter and Halle Berry chugging half a pint of bourbon.

All the panel chit-chat and interviews aside, my excitement was at its highest when 3 exclusive clips from the upcoming movie were played just for us! I won’t spoil it for you guys, but what I can do is share my takeaways from them. So here’s what you can expect from the Kingsman sequel:

1. Crazy stunts…from the get-go

We were shown a clip of the first few minutes of the movie set to be released in September and boy, was it action-packed! Basically, it starts with a fight scene between Eggsy and a fellow rejected Kingsman. So be sure to expect some killer stunt scenes in that opening sequence.

2. Channing Tatum

Channing plays Agent Tequila (Don’t laugh, I’m actually serious! Jeff Bridges plays Agent Champagne, Halle Berry is Gingerale and Pedro Pascal’s character is named Agent Whiskey), a member of an American Secret Service called Statesmen. In the clip, he was all dressed up in cowboy attire with a heavy southern accent, and if that doesn’t look hot to you, I don’t know what will. When asked what his most memorable scene of the movie was, during the panel, Channing blushed whilst struggling to give a straight answer. Sadly, he revealed nothing in the end and said that all the scenes were his favourite. Boo.

3. Be prepared to laugh

Before the whole panel started, we were showed this clip which has now been uploaded onto YouTube.

It shows an animated Eggsy meeting Sterling Archer and if there’s one thing you can learn from that clip is that the new Kingsman movie will be staying true to the comedic element that made the first film so great in the first place.

4. Julianne Moore will play the villain you’ll love to hate

Julianne Moore plays Poppy, the show’s new villain. From what we saw at the panel, it’s safe to say that she’ll bring home the award for ‘Most Insane/Disturbing Villian’. Matthew Vaughn, the movie’s director even described Poppy’s character as “Martha Stewart on crack” so if that doesn’t sound intriguing, I don’t know what does!

5. Not for the faint-hearted

If you think the church killing scene in Kingsman: The Secret Service was disturbing, wait till you see what happens in this sequel. We were shown a clip that involved Poppy and two other characters and let’s just say, I’m definitely not eating burgers for awhile now.

Check out more pics from the panel below: