Iflix 3.0 Now Offers A FREE Service For Everyone!

Our TV viewing experience has long changed over the years and naturally living in a very tech-driven world, we’re always looking for the next upgrade. Just recently iflix announced that they’re giving everybody their favourite F word – FREE! Yes, iflix launched their iflix 3.0 or as they like to call iflix season 3, offers a whole new look and feel with new features and content that are free.

Dubbed as Malaysia’s favourite entertainment platform, what the consumer wants is options and that’s what they’re giving them. An option to choose how they want to get their iflix fix.

Here are 8 of the cool new features you’re going to get via iflix free:

1. Movie of the Day

Besides getting free excess to some of their exclusive and most popular programs, they’re rolling Movie of the Day. This self-explanatory feature will get you one fresh new movie on a daily basis.

2. Iflix Snacks

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No, we’re not referring to food but bite-sized videos that’ll keep you entertained if you’re in a rush or just passing time. You can now snack on a big library of short-form contents to choose from as 50 new videos will roll out daily. Some of the snacks include – QYou, Complex Media, local programs from content creators in Malaysia, localised formats of global hits like Hot Ones, and Studio 2:15 iflix Originals, Caraoke Drift, Gila Gamerz, Boleh Binge and more.

3. Football Malaysia

Don’t miss out on Malaysia’s most favourite sports – football! For the first time, iflix has brought in every Liga Super, Piala FA, Piala Malaysia, Piala Sumbangsih match right in the palm of your hands. It offers users the users virtual front row seats to unlimited matches and tournament.

4. iflix Originals

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Iflix also brings their own exclusive originals programs. If you love action-packed series look out for KL Gangster, Underworld coming out this month only on iflix. Want to have a good LOL moment? Catch Oi! Jaga Mulut and Jon Atherton: Disoriental, which delivers raw and uncensored stand-up comedies. Besides that they’ve also got Coconuts TV, a docu-series that goes uncovers the underbelly of Asian subculture. – bold and very interesting to watch.

5. Exclusive

Get exclusive regional and international TV series like The Grand Prince, My First Love, Poroporo, Tayo the Little Buss and more from a variety of genre.

6. Promotional episodes and pilots

You can view promotional episodes and pilots from premium current and marquee TV series and films across key genres which includes shows like Good Behaviour, Man vs Wild, Freakish, Expelled, Spongebob Squarepants as well as South Korea’s highly popular drama Goblin, Descendants of the Sun, My Secret Romance, Legend of the Blue Sea, Bride of Habaek and so much more.

7. Watch Offline

Have poor internet caption? Just download the movies and series via iflix and you can enjoy your favourite programs anywhere you go without internet.

8. The Feed

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They’ve upgraded their feed interface by providing users with infinite scrolling so you don’t have to miss out on any of the hot and fresh stuff.

That’s not all, you can also upgrade your status to the iflix VIP if you’re looking for more premium contents and unlock more offers but with a wallet-friendly price.

For more information, head to www.iflix.com


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