Here’s Everything You Can Expect From The New Captain Marvel Movie

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2. It’s going to be an emotional journey for all parties involved

When asked about what fans will experience when watching the movie, Director Ryan Fleck revealed that besides lots of action sequences, audiences will also go on a journey of self-discovery with the lead character, Carol Danvers.

During the fan event in Singapore, Marvel put together a video compilation of different women telling their story of how they got back up and stayed strong when things got tough – staying true to the movie’s tagline of “Higher, further, faster”. At the end of the video, the auditorium went dark and after a few seconds, the stage lits up and Brie Larson’s voice echoed in confidence saying “I am Brie Larson and I am Captain Marvel” as she walked on to the stage.

That, to me, was hands down the best part of the night as it sent goosebumps down my spine and brought tears to my eyes. As a woman, I felt proud, inspired, strong and so damn happy that the world will finally get to see what we’re made of – so be it if it’s through a comic book superhero.

Skip to 1:44:30 in the video below to watch what I’m talking about!

Brie Larson has been pretty vocal on why she thinks this movie is a huge step forward for women empowerment. Not only is her character, Carol Danvers, a one-woman army, she’s also an athlete and an Air Force pilot. She’s (literally) fallen down and got back up on her own two feet and that humanity was one of the reasons why Brie took the role in the first place. This movie is going to break boundaries and we’re absolutely here for it!

…I meditated a lot on what female strength could look like as I didn’t want to just emulate things that I’ve seen on screen before but to understand what that felt like within myself. So I went on this path of training everyday for nine months to see what I was made of and how strong I could get in the end and it changed me so much, it changed my mind and it changed the way I viewed the world. There’s something about pushing yourself beyond a threshold that’s comfortable and I was lucky to have a really great trainer and it was these moments of breakthrough, of what your body is capable of doing. Sometimes it means you’ll end up on the floor crying, but all of that is who Carol is. When I see that montage of her over the years getting back up, I feel like that was 100% my experience in my life, particularly for the prep of this film. – Brie Larson on transforming to become Captain Marvel

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