FEMALE Exclusive: Eleanor Tomlinson Dishes On Her New Netflix Film ‘Love, Wedding, Repeat’!

The Netflix Original teaches us all about great timing and taking your chance in love. 

Weddings are the best time for you to create new memories, catch up with old friends, reconnect and perhaps find out if this could be your chance at finding love. All it takes is that one particular moment, excellent timing and a couple of misplaced seating cards to find out your fate. That is what happens in the Netflix Original romantic comedy, Love, Wedding, Repeat, which features Jack (Sam Claflin), and the unpredictable events that happened when he flew to Italy for his sister’s (Eleanor Tomlinson) wedding. From bumping into exes (Freida Pinto) and getting rid of unwanted guests, to rekindling missed love connections (Olivia Munn), will Jack ever find out if this is his chance at love? Plot twist – just like Groundhog Day, the days repeats itself over and over with alternate ending scenarios. If you’re curious to find out which one made the cut and if Jack found love, tune in now for some heartfelt comedy. 

Eleanor Tomlinson and Sam Claflin | Photography Netflix

In the meantime, I had a chance to chat with Eleanor and here’s her experience filming this movie:

FEMALE: How are you and what have you been doing to stay productive during this time?

Eleanor: “I’m good! I’m just trying my best to stay positive by reading and catching up on shows and films that I’ve missed. But all in all, I’m just enjoying the sunny weather at the moment and trying to stay positive (laughs).”

F: What was it like filming this movie in Rome at such a beautiful location?

E: “Ah, it was amazing! I loved it. It’s such a fantastic city but also the crew and the cast made it even more special. We had a lovely summer, which will always have a special place in my heart. It was quite strange to do a film where every day you’re doing and wearing the same thing or doing different versions of the same thing. It doesn’t happen in films often, but it was certainly a lot of fun!”

Tiziano Caputo and Eleanor Tomlinson | Photography Netflix

F: Let’s talk about the wedding dress! What was it like filming in one through out the whole film?

E: “The dress was absolutely stunning and beautiful to film in and I’ve always wanted to do a wedding scene. It’s something that I’ve always wanted to do for fun, although I’ve done a few before for smaller scenes in a film or a show but never got to experience it this way where I wear one for 12 weeks (laughs). It was great, and it certainly ticked off that need within myself.”

F: With such a great cast, which was your most favourite scene?

E: “That’s a tricky one! To be honest, we shot so many scenes that didn’t make it in the film. There’s this scene where my husband, played by Tiziano Caputo serenaded me with a band, which I thought was sweet and charming. But sadly it didn’t make the cut in the end. Overall, I just loved the whole experience, so it’s tough to pick a favourite.”

Eleanor Tomlinson and Jack Farthing | Photography Netflix

F: What was the shift like from filming and staying in character as Demelza in Poldark to Hayley in Love, Wedding, Repeat?

E: “Totally different. It was nice to do something modern by playing a role that’s completely different from Demelza – personality-wise too. Demelza portrays this insecure trait while Hayley appears to be incredibly stressed as I think every bride would be on their wedding day (laughs). It was nice to be able to do something different with a new cast. Having Jack (who played Marc) in this film was also an amazing experience. In terms of it being different from Poldark, I guess that’s the point of being an actress; you would want to push yourself to try different things!”

F: Were there any memorable candid moments that happened off-camera?

E: “Working with a group of comedians is always going to be a hilarious time. It would be so hard to choose from since so much was improvised, but that’s the joy of it cos you never know what’s going to happen. But if I had to pick, it would be the lady who played the grandmother character – she was just fantastic. At one point, she got up on this table and started dancing on it in the middle of the scene, and she’s over 80, so we were all shocked! (laughs).”

F: Can you list down your top moments when shooting this film?

E: “It’ll be working with the amazing cast and making good friends. We had such a good laugh and also filming in Rome and getting to explore that beautiful city. I had the most amazing time; it was magical.”

Sam Claflin and Olivia Munn |Photography: Netflix

F: If the roles were reversed, and if you were to do Sam’s job to get rid of the crazy ex, how would you do it? 

E: “I’d probably ask him to leave! I would take him outside myself and insist that he leaves, but I certainly wouldn’t drug him though – I think that’s going a bit too far.”

F: What’s next for you? Any upcoming projects that we can look forward to?

E: “I’ve got a Sci-Fi series called Intergalactic on Sky which is about convicts from space that hijacks a prison ship and run amongst the stars. And then there’s another series by HBO that Joss Whedon is directing called The Nevers, which I’m excited about that. It’s about a group of Victorian women who have superpowers. So, do keep a lookout for that!”

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