Everything You Need To Convince Yourself To Watch Baby Driver (If You Haven’t Already)

35 songs, 150 cars, and 22 years. That’s what went into making Baby Driver, the film by comedy legend Edgar Wright that’s the talk of every movie-goer right about now. And let’s not forget how it opened with a rare 100% Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes! If you still aren’t convinced, check out the first 6 minutes of the movie right here:

If we weren’t hyped about the movie enough as it is, their recent press stint on Malaysian soil was definitely more than enough to get us buzzing!

Ansel Elgort, Edgar Wright, and Lily James in KL.

We caught up with director Edgar Wright, and stars Ansel Elgort and Lily James at the Baby Driver press conference right here in KL and here’s all we learnt!

How difficult was it to film Baby Driver?

Edgar Wright: “Music is the heartbeat that drives Baby Driver – we have 35 songs in the movie. We got them scripted in and cleared before we started shooting. We had a choreographer on set and we shot scenes following the music.”

How did you pick Ansel as your lead actor?

EW: “Well, Ansel’s like me but taller. (laughs) I had the original idea for the movie in 1995, and I started imagining this car chase… but I didn’t finish the first draft until six years ago. Three years ago, I decided to get this made and Ansel’s name came up very quickly. When we met, we talked about music for an hour and it’s clear that we shared the same passion. He’s a charismatic performer and he’d fit right into it. A music or dance background would help the actor get into the rhythm – and that’s what made Ansel the perfect Baby. The thing is, I only told him about this script with the music after all that. Then he went back and read the script, and he’s like, ‘I’ve GOT to play this character!’”

How did you pick the title Baby Driver?

EW: “There’s a song by Simon & Garfunkel called Baby Driver. In a lot of gangster movies, there’s this character called Babyface or something, so that’s how the title came to be.”

How do you feel about the response that the movie’s getting so far?

EW: “I’m very happy for the movie; that it’s done so well, and I’m extremely gratified it’s had that response.”

How did social media help you promote Baby Driver?

Ansel Elgort: “When we arrived at the [KLIA] airport, there were a few fans waiting to take pictures with us. I wish I can do that with my eight million fans but I can’t, so I use social media as a way to reach out to them and at the same time, gauge my film too.”

Ansel Elgort and Edgar Wright during filming.

What do you love most about your characters in the movie?

Lily James: “I love the relationship that developed between Baby and Debby in the movie. They’re such old souls and she’s impulsive… she’d even go on that road trip with him.”

AE: “I love that there’s music with their names. They bring so much soul to the movie that adds something extra.”

How similar are you to the character you played?

AE: “I’m a li’l bit similar to Baby, especially in music. Baby’s very loyal, and he’s not an aggressive guy… unless somebody messes with someone he loves.”

LJ: “Debora… so she works 9-5 in a diner and talks about taking a road trip… we’re similar in terms of loyalty. She’s so loyal to Baby and she’s willing to sacrifice so much for him.”


There are 35 songs featured in Baby Driver.


The movie involved a total of 150 cars.


It took the movie 22 years to be made – from an idea to hitting the big screens.

How was it like acting with an American accent?

LJ: “It wasn’t easy, and I think the word ‘holler’ was hard!”

How well have women been represented in this movie?

LJ: “On one hand we’ve got Debby who’s the nice, loyal girl, and then there’s Darling who’s shooting with all these big guns – I think women are represented well in Baby Driver.”

Can you say that you’re a safe driver?

AE: “I’m a very safe driver now. (laughs) I had an incredible stunt team, and I even get to keep the Subaru from the first scene. Now I enjoy driving more than ever.”

Did you encounter any trouble during the shoot at all?

AE: “We prepped for the movie one month before filming began, so any doubts were cleared then. We had an ambitious schedule, which was the biggest challenge. But for an actor, to be working long days is a good thing.”

EW: “Kevin Spacey and Jamie Foxx were incredible, and it’s the first time they’re on screen together. I used to whisper that we’re making a double Oscar show. (laughs)”