30 Things We Learned From The Set Of ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ In Singapore

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On what they loved about the book:

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“I found it to be a page-turner. It took me to a world I knew nothing about. I was very invested in the characters journey and I thought it was a very universal story. On one hand, it’s so specific about class and cultural struggle between an American-born Chinese girl and her Singaporean boyfriend’s family and friends. On the other hand, it is also relatable to anybody who has found that their in-laws thought they weren’t good enough and for parents who have sent their children to be educated far away and the child that you get back have different values than the one you said goodbye to.” – Nina Jacobson (best known for her work on The Hunger Games franchise)

“The book, for me, is not just a love story or a fish out of water story. It’s about women and the things they sacrifice to protect men. You see that in Eleanor where she sacrifices bringing up Nick and giving him to grandma so that he’ll have money and a better life. Astrid dims her own wealth so Michael doesn’t feel insecure about the fact that he’s not as wealthy. Rachel lets go of Nick, sacrifices the love of her life, so that he doesn’t lose his connection to his family. If you read all three books, you’ll see this as the recurring theme, it’s not only about love but it’s about the sacrifices women are making for their man and it’s something I think is happening in real life, cross-culturally.” – Constance Wu (most recognised for her role as Jessica Huang on Fresh Off The Boat)

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