Meet the Top 9 Finalists of the female Cover Model Search 2014

They’ve got both looks AND personality!

After many, many days of serious profile scrutinising, we’ve finally picked the Top 9 finalists for the female Cover Model Search 2014! Here are some fun, random tidbits we managed to squeeze out of them.

TJ Tanler, 22, Model 

 Q1: How much effort do you put into styling your hair?

I put a lot of effort into styling my hair. I need at least 15 minutes post-shower to get it right.

 Q2: When buying perfume, what do you look for?

I look for something smooth and natural. The smell of wood, rose and jasmine are my favourites.

 Q3: Describe your style.

I love colours. A pair of jeans with a blazer and V-neck T-shirt that’s not too tight or too loose.



Lee Ya Qin, 20, Student

Q1: How would you rock a selfie?

I’d do it with natural lighting and a good camera.

Q2: Whose style would you steal?

Miranda Kerr’s because she carries any outfit with confidence.

Q3: Share a make up tip/trick with us.

Try applying lipbalm before lipstick.

Kenny Mah, 28, Teacher 

 Q1: Confess: do you know how to tie a tie? 

High school taught me well; learnt how to tie a tie there!

 Q2: You’re guilty of… 

Wearing cartoonated socks… shh…

 Q3: What’s your favourite physical feature of yourself?

My height. It’s an advantage for me during concerts!



Emmy Lee, 21, Student/Part-Time Model 

Q1: What are your style dos and don’ts?

Do take good care of your skin. Don’t follow trends blindly.

Q2: A woman’s fragrance should…

Be pure, fresh and attractive.

Q3: Craziest hairstyle you’ve sported?

I love my long locks, but I won’t hesitate to shave the sides of my head. Been there, done that… in high school!

John Tan, 25, Model/Freelance Gym Instructor

 Q1: Describe your style.

Free. Although I look mature, I’m still young, sporty and fun.

 Q2: Pick one: baseball cap, bucket hat or beanie?

I’m all for baseball caps; they spell F-U-N.

 Q3: You can’t say no to…

Cheesecake! It’s my all time favourite dessert.



Jasmine Gray, 26, Fashion Buyer 

Q1: A woman’s fragrance should…

Compliment her. Some fragrances smell good but are too overpowering. Just because it’s popular doesn’t mean it suits you. How do you know when you’ve found your signature scent? When everyone asks what perfume you’re wearing!

Q2: Whose style would you steal?

Olivia Palermo’s. I adore her and everything she wears. She always looks so effortless and chic.

Q3: You own way too many…

Bags and shoes. They’re most girls’ kryptonite! No?

Brian Lau, 31, Event Manager 

 Q1: Describe your style.

I dress as comfy as possible, with a cool pair of shoes!

 Q2: You’re guilty of… 

Facial care… and eyebrow threading!

 Q3: What’s your most prized possession?

My time. It’s the one thing money can’t buy.



Manisha Jagan, 26, Key Account Manager 

Q1: Name one beauty product you can’t live without. 

I can’t live without eyeliners; just a little goes a long way!

Q2: What are you style dos and don’ts?

Always accessorise; personalise with a stand out item. Don’t reveal too much skin!

Q3: Craziest hairstyle you’ve sported?

A mohawk! It was fun but pretty hard to style and maintain.

Nik Karlil, 29, Entrepreneur 

 Q1: If you could only use one hairstyling tool/product for the rest of your life, what would it be?

I would go for wax. I’ve been using it since forever and am most comfortable with it.

 Q2: Describe your style. 

I used to gravitate towards jeans and T-shirts, but I’m game for anything these days.

 Q3: How much effort to you put into styling your hair?

My hair is most of the time messy. It doesn’t take me more than a minute; that’s if I decide to style my hair in the first place!


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