20 Quirky Home Décor Items You’ll Want NOW

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Unique and one of a kind, your house will be the talk of the town with these artsy designs!

Besides a dream wedding, what else do we all dream about? Erm, besides the dream guy. Well, a dream house, of course! Along with all the little knick knacks and décor ideas we’d wish for it! From the colour themeto the wallpapers to whether you should opt for a walk-in closet or a shoe one (obviously “YES!” to both), we’d probably all have a slight clue to what we want.

You can blame Pinterest and Tumblr for giving us all these extra ideas. But you know what else would be awesome for that dream home of yours? These super cool, super artistic, and super unique home décor items slash furniture! Okay, time to get Pin-ning, ladies!

gummy bear chandelier 2

1. Gummi Bear Chandelier: While the traditional ones (think Beauty and the Beast) are pretty grand, they just can’t beat ‘sweet’ and ‘cute’ like this yummy lamp designed by Kevin Champeny. Besides, aren’t we living in the Candy Crush era? (via Gizmodo)

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