8 K-Pop Idols Who’ll Go For The South Korean Military Enlistment In 2018

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Image: nownews.com

If you’ve been fans of the K-pop groups like BigBang, SHINee, and FT Island from way back when they first debuted, you’ll probably aware that sooner or later they’ll going to have to serve the Korean Army. Most of them will be serving this year. We know, heartbreaks everywhere!

The mandatory military service in South Korea requires all men between the age of 18 to 35 to perform their duty for about 2 years. Many Korean celebrities enlist themselves by the time they reach age 30. In this duration, your favourite male celebrities will hold off any activities and serve as an active duty soldier. Which either means absence from group promotions or in some cases the whole group takes a two-year hiatus.

Seems like this year is the year of military enlistment in the K-pop industry, ahead we’ve listed eight K-Pop groups whose members will (or have) join the army for 2018.

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