7 Things We Love About New K-drama Saimdang

We got a sneak peek of the latest periodic K-drama that’ll be hitting our screens this Thursday. Trust us, it isn’t a disappointment; here’s what you can expect from Saimdang. P.S. feel free to check out the extended trailer below if you can’t wait for the show. 

Credit: Astro Oh!K

  1. It marks Lee Young-ae’s return to the small screen

Saimdang commemorates the TV comeback of popular actress Lee Young-ae after 13 years away from the small screen. She’s been acting since 1993 and made a name for herself for her role in 2003’s Jewel in the Palace, as well as the titular character in acclaimed film Sympathy for Lady Vengeance. In Saimdang, she plays dual roles as Seo Jiyun (a part time lecturer and PhD student gunning for a full time position as an art history professor) and real-life historical artist Shin Saimdang.


  1. The beautiful scenery

The first episode is partially set in Bologna, Italy; Jiyun flies there to attend an art conference with her tyrannical boss, Professor Min. The scenes take us to balconies overlooking Bologna, cobbled bridges, narrow streets and city squares, as well as a countryside estate in Chianti. Though Jiyun’s situation is far from ideal, at least she’s in Italy (that would be good enough for us)!

Credit: Wikimedia

  1. The love story

Though we don’t know much yet about the relationship between Jiyun/Saimdang and Lee Gyeom (played by veteran actor Song Seung-heon), we can tell it’s going to be an exciting one! The first episode does hint heavily at what might happen- it involves a mysterious painting in a secluded villa, but that’s all we’ll say…

Credit: Astro Oh!K

  1. The dreamy guys

What’s a K-drama without some drool-worthy male leads? In Saimdang, former model Song Seung-heon and budding young actor Yang Se-jong take on the roles of the older and younger Lee Gyeom; Se-jong also makes his mark as a recently-fired, passionate art lecturer. Trust me, I had my eyes glued to the big screen when I saw them appear!


  1. The realistic K-drama heroine

Believe us; the drama has its fair share of make-believe! But Jiyun herself is a pretty relatable character: ambitious and smart, but struggling. She’s submissive towards her boss, faces pressure from her well-meaning mother-in-law, and deals with drama coming from her husband’s shady business… All whilst juggling her roles as a lecturer, wife and mother. We’ve all been there!

Credit: Kpopfighting.com

  1. The evil villains

There’s always that character we love to hate. Actor Choi Jong-hwan takes over the role of the detestable Professor Min, who will do anything to undermine others and keep himself at the top. The story gets juicier when the professor sees himself getting involved in a scandal involving the questionable authenticity of an ancient painting.


  1. There’s a little bit of magic

For those of you who grew up watching Disney movies, anything with a fairytale element should tickle your fancy. Saimdang has that part covered. We can’t really disclose too much, but the ending had us practically dangling off our seats. Want to find out more? You’ll just have to catch the premiere this Thursday!



Saimdang will premiere on Astro’s Oh!K (channel 394) this Thursday, 26th January at 9pm with a special double episode, same time as South Korea! Catch new episodes every Wednesday and Thursday at 9pm. Check out the teasers below to get a glimpse of what’s in store:

Saimdang – Premieres 26 Jan (English) from TurnerPRAsiaPac on Vimeo.

Saimdang – Extended Trailer 2.5 Minutes (English) from TurnerPRAsiaPac on Vimeo.

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