Ji Chang-Wook Surprised By The Number Of Malaysian Fans!

Photography: tvN Movies

Last Saturday, fans got their sweet treat as the highly-popular and handsome South Korean actor, Ji Chang Wook graced our Malaysian shores! Here in conjunction with the launch of South Korea’s first movie channel, tvN movies for Hypptv and also to promote his latest film, Fabricated City, Chang-Wook was caught by surprise by the sheer number of fans he has in Malaysia.

He was greeted with a flooding number of screaming fans since arriving from Seoul last Friday, April 7th.

“The incident at the airport really took me by surprise. My fans welcomed me with such warmth,” says the actor during the press conference with media and selected fans.

The 29-years-old added that it was definitely a unique and fun experience that he’ll cherish.


Ji Chang-Wook with fans during the Press Conference | Photography: tvN Movies


Before coming here, Chang-Wook was really curious about the kind of welcome he’d be getting and what the country has to offer. So he was asked about his first impression.

“All the welcoming really surpassed my expectation. It’s unfortunate that I didn’t get to do much exploring of the country so, I can’t say much aside from the great people I’ve met but I would really love to come back for traveling purposes,” he said adding that he’s been in his room for this whole trip.

He ended the session with a message to his loyal fans, “I promise to work harder to fulfill your expectations of me!”


Photography: jichangwookkitchen

Fabricated City is his first film debut as he stars as the lead character, Kwon Yu, a gamer who spends his current unemployed life in an internet cafe. Then something goes wrong and the story picks up when he was accused of sexual assaults and murder. Banding together with his virtual friends, together they try to help Kwon Yu clear his name. To find out how the story unfolds, catch the mystery movie in cinemas on April 20th.

Q&A With Ji Chang Wook:

How did you prepare yourself for the character of Kwon Yu?

This project was not like any of the other ones I’ve done in the past. I didn’t dive into the character by creating another persona of myself but instead, I actually brought myself to the character. I would act the way I would react to the situations Kwon Yu was in.

What’s the most challenging part of filming Fabricated City?

From what I remember and experienced, it was quite difficult. Emotionally I was exhausted as I was working to develop and become the character and because there were a number of action sequences, it was also physically tiring.

What can we expect from you in the future?

Once I go back to South Korea, I’ll start filming a new drama. It’s a mix of mystery, romance, and comedy. The character I play isn’t someone I’ve portrait before. I’ll be playing a prosecutor-turned-lawyer, so that’ll be fun! *he chuckled

Extra: The new drama is called, Suspicious Partner as it stars the man himself, Ji Chang Wook, Nam Ji-Hyun, Choi Tae Joon, Kwon Nara and also 2PM’s Hwang Chang Sung amongst other casts. The show is set to broadcast on May 10th on SBS.

What do you want to do before you head to military service?

I have a long list of things scheduled before I can go. I’m going to have to finish them up and if time allows it I’d like do a bit of traveling while I’m at it.

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