Introducing Malaysian Singer Evelyn Feroza, The Kind Of Soul You Need To Know About

She’s ready to take over the world.

It’s hard not to miss a charismatic lady like Evelyn, and once she’s on stage, you’ll remember her soulful voice for a lifetime.

The 26-year old singer isn’t a stranger to the local scene here in Malaysia and with her first release of her music video (MV) last Friday; this stunner is aiming for bigger dreams. With a balance of fun and dynamic (and as a fan of  Sia and Rihanna) her listeners over the years would describe her as someone that’s very approachable – and with that, I’d definitely have to agree.  Evelyn greeted me with a warm smile as she entered the room. All prepped for her big night; dressed in a starry blue sequined dress, strutting in dazzling gold heels and just like that, our conversations flowed as easily as if we were old friends.

Read on to find out more about this charming lady and all the details you need to know on her first ever MV for Close Your Eyes featuring trombonist player, Q Sound.


FEMALE: Hi Evelyn! Congratulations on your MV release for your single “Close Your Eyes”. What inspired you to sing and kick-start your career?

Evelyn: “Thank you so much! When I was just a baby, my grandfather would play the classics such as Frank Sinatra and I grew up subconsciously humming along to the tunes while exploring Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston’s songs as I grew older. Throughout high school, I was considered “the school’s singer” and even after pursuing my day job at the time, I knew I always had this passion of mine at the back of my head but was never given the right opportunity to pursue that. Until one day, I was told to sing a song on stage at my long lost uncle’s wedding. Singing Shania Twain’s From This Moment made me realise that there was something out there for me which then led me to quit my day job, and pursue singing for small gigs. Honestly, singing the classics helped me see that I’ve always had this passion inside of me and that got me going.”

F: How did you find your own ‘Evelyn’ sound?

E: “It took years to discover my sound. At first, it was more of how I was given songs to sing to while pushing me to experiment with all these different genres. But once I listened to myself progress over the years, it made me find my own sound through the covers I’ve done. It just happened.”

F: What was the vibe you had in mind in the earlier stages before working on the music video?

E: “My uncle, Brad Hogarth was the director of this music video and I’m so blessed to have him work with me on this. I showed him the song and he filled me in on all his brainstormed ideas – and I immediately loved it. Let me first fill you in what Close Your Eyes really means. The song is about a person’s conscience and personality. It’s really what you think about it after listening to my lyrics and how they feel when they listen to it. Whether it gets you in a good trance, getting stuck in your own thoughts or basically humans with different personalities.”

F: Are there any hidden meanings you’d like to share?

E: “There is one which makes a huge impact in my MV throughout. There are five characters; the first character is based off my supermodel glam cousin of mine. The fun purple-haired girl represents the free-willing traits of my younger sister and the third with an Ariana Grande vibe, represents my oldest sister – sweet with a ‘don’t mess with me’ type of attitude. While the fourth portrayed more of myself, the fifth one definitely my favourite to play as. I’d like to call her ‘The Darkness’ cos I feel this character plays a part in everyone’s life. You’ll spot her when you watch my video!”

F: Awesome! I’m super excited to show this to our FEMALE readers. But now, let’s talk fashion – how would you describe your style?

E: “On a normal day, I would usually go for something simple like oversized tees over denim jeans but once I’m on stage, I’m a chameleon. It usually depends on the events but I would always go for a combination of glam and rock – gleamed out in sequins, metallics and an all-black ensemble but I would like to experiment more styles in the future though.”

F: What about music and where do you see yourself in the next few years?

E:  “I’ll take wherever music takes me. Right now, it’s really hard to tell what I’m going to do in a few years but I’ll work hard to achieve more as what I’m doing right now is a stepping stone to where I’m meant to be. I do hope to bring my music internationally to represent my beautiful country as Malaysia alone is filled with different cultures. I feel our country deserves to be exposed! I hope to progress with more music videos, produce more original songs and perform them abroad.”

F: Lastly, what would you like to say to our FEMALE readers?

E: “Be strong as there’s no limit to what we can do. In my music video, you’ll see a vulnerable side of ‘The Darkness’. I’m saying this cos it does apply to every girl on the inside, and in every girl, this can eat you up but no matter what you come up fighting!”