FEMALE Chats With Dana Lee, star of ‘Mud: The Story of Kuala Lumpur’!

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F: What’s the toughest part about being in Mud?

D: “For me, I would say dancing, because I was never a dancer. I had done a bit of classes here and there but they were more contemporary. I didn’t know what dikir barat (a traditional Malay musical form that involves singing in groups) was! I was asking everyone “What is dikir barat? Is that a song?” I also had to practice how to do inang (a traditional Malay dance). It was very awkward at first. You’re supposed to walk with your left arm and right leg, right arm and left leg, but I would walk with my left leg and left arm, right leg and right arm. Another hard part was having to be soft, to be lemah lembut (gentle, graceful), which fits the Melayu traditional element of dancing. That took a long time to perfect. Now I think I’m alright. At first it was more like, “What is that girl doing?!””

Dana perfects Xiao Yen’s signature princess poise! Credit: @danamuhnaynah 

F: What will you miss the most about performing in Mud?

D: “This show is very special to me, especially as I’ve been here from the very beginning. Mud is a very wonderful thing, so I’ll miss having the opportunity to share it with people. I don’t think we’ve reached enough, in the three years we’ve been here. I think we could reach so much more! I’ll also miss the family here that we have, and being with them every day.”

Dana and the ‘Mud’ team have fun backstage! Credit: @danamuhnaynah 

F: What do you like about acting in theatre?

D: “I love acting live and having people to interact with. You share energy with the audience, they return the energy to you. It feels like you’re performing for people, as opposed to in front of the camera where you have to do a gazillion takessometimes you don’t shoot in sequence. It’s very disjointed, so it’s very hard to feel emotionally invested in your character. In theatre, you perform in sequence, so it’s a lot more fulfilling to step in the shoes of your character from start to end.”

F: What’s next in the works for you?

D: “I’d like to develop myself more as a solo singer and make a name for myself out there, maybe start producing content for YouTube! I’d like to do both music and theatre, but the latter is hard to come by as there are shows, but not all the time. I’d say my voice is more suited for show tunes; I can do Disney quite well! I might try out singing acoustic pop, as it’s what people like listening to!”

 Mud KL will be showing twice daily, at 3:00pm and 8:30pm, until the final performance this Sunday 30th April. Nab your tickets by calling +603-26023335 or clicking on mudkl.com before it’s too late!

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