What Does Melania Trump, Michelle Obama and Twilight Sparkle Have in Common?

Plagiarism or just pure coincidence? 


Even though most of us are not Americans, but we do keep in touch with American politics from time to time because 1) American politics are all over our social media and 2) the whole situation is like a big comedy drama, minus the attractive characters. *cough* Donald *cough* Trump.

Republican candidate Donald Trump has always been loud on his opinions, but for the first time the spotlight is finally been given to Trump’s wife, Melania Trump, as she finally gave a thoughtful speech at the Republican National Convention… or so we thought. Turns out the speech have been heavily plagiarised from the speech First Lady Michelle Obama gave eight years ago at the Democratic National Convention.

Here’s the transcript of both speeches posted by CNN:

Oh, snap. After much observation, Melania finally said to the press that she’s had “as little help as possible” when she wrote the speech. Investigative journalism took its place and discovered another source that Melania have “borrowed” her lines from. This time, it’s Twilight Sparkle from My Little Pony. Yes, you heard that right. RNC Communications Director, Sean Spicer defended on Melania’s behalf on this CNN interview:

So, what are your thoughts? Do you think Melania’s speech is full on plagiarism or just a coincidence as what Sean Spicer explained above? In the meantime, we’ve collected some funny memes that has been circulated around social media just for laughs:

The internet has no chill.

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