Henry Golding Reveals More About The Making Of The Last Christmas

Exactly a week ago, we read multiple articles online about the premiere of the Last Christmas in New York that took place at AMC Lincoln Square Theater. And in Malaysia, the movie is set to be released on 28th November 2019. With that, here’s what Henry Golding, the star of the movie reveals about his experience of what went down during the making of this movie.

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In this highly-anticipated movie, Henry takes on the lead role who helps Kate (Emilia Clarke) every time she’s in need, but one thing that’s puzzling is his frequent disappearance. Rumour has it that he might be an angel or a mysterious Christmas creature – but no one knows for sure.

FEMALE: Did you have fun working with Emma Thompson (who is the scriptwriter and plays the role of Kate’s mother) in this movie?

Henry: “Oh yeah, she’s everything you’d hope she would be – motherly and hyperintelligent. She’s very empathetic and tunes in to emotions very well. She can connect with everyone – from the actors to the director, and everybody loves her.”

F: When did you first learn to appreciate her as an actress?

H: “I think the sadness in Love Actually was when I felt heartbroken for her. She was a lovely mother and wife and to be in that situation made my heart break for her. She brought that out so well. That was the first time that I really noticed her. And I loved Nanny McPhee, which is comedy genius.”

F: Are there any emotional moments in this film?

H: “Yes! I felt it when I read the initial script. I was in a hotel doing a press con on Crazy Rich Asians, and Emma Thompson came to my hotel and we had lunch together. Poor Paul was on the phone, Face Timing, and he was part of the conversation. We spoke and I loved the script. But there was something in there that I felt strongly about and we agreed to change it. Being in a team which takes creative advice is amazing because at times, people can be very protective over their scripts. So we came up with a great line that sits very well in a romantic comedy.”

F: Has your interest in the late George Michael and Wham! Deepen after acting in this movie?

H: “Massively! For starters, you begin listening to the words. Even if you listen to Last Christmas, there’s so much meaning behind those words. And Heal the Pain is one of the most magnificent songs ever written. I actually sing a lot more of that song in the movie but they cut it out because Emilia has a much better voice.”

Photography: United International Pictures Malaysia

Photography: United International Pictures Malaysia

Photography: United International Pictures Malaysia

Photography: United International Pictures Malaysia

F: Has shooting the film introduced you to any new parts of London?

H: “The ice skating scene when we went out to Alexandra Palace – that was my first time there. London is just full of these little spots that you don’t know about. I read a lot of fact books on London just because I was so curious about it, which was another quirk of Tom’s. It’s so weird. He was a very true character for me.”

F: You worked with Paul Feig in A Simple Favor. He must be like a mentor to you…

H: “Paul is one of my best buddies, mentors and one of my favourite persons all around. He is more English than most English people. He lives for pomp and traditions. Hence the suits, going to Dukes, to Annabel’s, all these amazing places where he just loves to sit and have his little whisky. We go for cigars. The last time we were in Las Vegas, we sat for a four-hour meal just talking together. I’d do anything for Paul.”

F: Both you and Emilia ice-skate in the movie. Are you competent?

H: “I was quite sad that they didn’t put more of the ice skating (scene) in the film. Not many people get an empty rink with free rein for 10 hours and then later in the day, I started to become more competent. I was tremendously better than Emilia because she was quite ill.”

F: In the film, you went skating on your first date! What do you think makes a great first date?

H: “I think something memorable and out of the ordinary. When I ask friends about how they meet, often you hear about something that went wrong because that becomes the most memorable thing! My friend was telling me about a guy who took her out for the most beautiful dinner and at the end of the meal, he didn’t have his wallet and she had to pay for it. Don’t be afraid of going on a wrong date because sometimes if it’s meant to be and you connect as people, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a good or bad date as long as it’s a memorable one.”

F: How has life changed for you over the last couple of years?

H: “It’s been insane, to be honest. But at the same time, I’ve been able to take it in my stride in a sense and make the right level-headed decisions. Coming into it later in life beyond 30 has really helped. Being in more news-based journalism and travel shows have really allowed me to have a strong pair of shoulders. When this weird and wonderful industry of Hollywood is bearing down on you, you can be led astray and be fluffed up to believe in your own hype. Now’s the time to make positive and right decisions. Working with people like Paul is the right thing to do.”

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