Halloween Special: ‘Imagine An 11-year-old Standing Next To A Ghost!’

Come out, come out, wherever you are…

Halloween is around the corner so it’s time we whip out some scary and chilling horror stories from real life folks. This two-day Halloween Horror stories special at FEMALE will see some bone-chilling tales to read from real life people’s experiences that’ll keep you awake at night!

Image: Anthony Delanoix (@anthonydelanoix)

Hello, Friend!

“When I was young, my family moved into a bungalow with a big backyard. We moved in during the rainy season so I was quite bummed out that I didn’t get to run around outside. I made do by playing with toys and building pillow forts indoors.”

“After about two weeks, my grandma told me to out her rocking chair at a corner of the living room. Although I’d always been intrigued by it, I never dared to sit on it while she was around.”

“One rainy afternoon, she was napping and my parents weren’t home, so I decided to do it!”

“As I cradled my favourite doll Camelia, I felt something touching my arm. It was a little girl! She had dark hair, a pale complexion, red eyes, and fangs. I was about to cry, scream and run away when she asked, ‘Can I sit down and play with your doll?'”

“Too shocked to answer, I got up and passed Camelia to her. She took my place, slowly humming and caressing the doll’s hair. Shaking with fear, I prayed my grandma would wake up. Tears were streaming down my cheeks; imagine an 11-year-old standing next to a ghost!”

“Suddenly, my heard my grandma’s voice. ‘Maggie, where are you? Come here; don;t play in the dark corners!’ It was as though she sensed I was in trouble! She switched on the lights and I ran to her. When I turned to look at the ricker, ‘it’ was gone but Camelia was still there.”

“I told my grandma what had happened; to my relief, she believed me. She convinced my parents the house was hunted, and we moved out soon after. Needless to say, we left the rocking chair and Camelia behind.”

Maggie T, Stewardess

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Taken from print. Original text by Amanda Sura.

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