Halloween Special: This Eerie IRL Story Will Keep You Up At Night!

Come out, come out, wherever you are…

Halloween is around the corner so it’s time we whip out some scary and chilling horror stories from real life folks. This two-day Halloween Horror stories special at FEMALE will see some bone-chilling tales to read from real life people’s experiences that’ll keep you awake at night!

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H O R R O R  G E T A W A Y

Image: Richard Nolan (@richienolan) on Unsplash

“About 10 years ago, I went to a highland resort with my younger sister and friends for a short holiday. We were all supposed to drive there together but my friend Jason* still had things to do at the office, so he told us to go ahead – he would join us at night. We checked in after a smooth drive but were given two- instead of a three-bedroom apartment. Once we sorted out the situation, we headed to our apartment. As it was a low-peak season, we were the only occupants on the third floor in one of the six blocks there.”

” Jason arrived at about 9.30pm, just in time for dinner. Wanting to spook him a little, we teased him about bringing his ‘friend’. Annoyed, he warned us not to joke about such things especially when we were on a hill. He reminded us about a Chinese urban legend: restless spirits often wander along roads and hillsides, waiting for someone who can ‘help’ them. According to Jason, when someone ‘runs over’ a spirit with the car, they can get possessed because that’s when the spirits latches itself on the ‘host'”

When the sun appears…

“After dinner, we started drinking and snacking in our apartment. We got very rowdy and the guards even came knocking on our door, telling us to quiet down because the family staying one floor below had complained. Jason was pretty drunk, so he went into one of the rooms to try and sleep it off.”

“Most of us were chatting in the living room when one of my friends went into the room Jason was sleeping in to get an aspirin; she heard him moaning in pain and alerted us. When we rushed into the room, he was groaning in a strange language. Thinking he was just smashed, we told him to puke but he refused. We started feeling scared and worried; some of us thought he was speaking in Mandarin while others thought it was French. Freaked out, we started calling out his name as we prayed.”

“At one point, he looked straight at us and made a guttural sound, similar to the ghost in horror flick Ju-On. His eyes were rolling back – it wasn’t exactly like in The Exorcist but actually being there and witnessing the whole ordeal was scarier than seeing a ghost. I almost fainted!”

Image: Isai Ramos (@isai21) on Unsplash


“We were unsure whether he was possessed or something was controlling his actions. When we asked if he knew our full names, he couldn’t tell our surnames – we had been friends for years, so it was impossible he didn’t know!”

“We tried to place a bracelet made of prayer beads on him and screamed, saying it was burning his skin. He scrambled to take it off. Those of us in the room just kept praying.”

“As suddenly as it started, it went away after about two hours. He looked at one of my friends, then told her he was hungry and wanted to eat immediately. She asked him for her full name and without hesitation, he spelled it out. We asked if he remembered anything  – he said ‘no’. He just thought he blacked out from all the alcohol he’d consumed!”

“We decided not to tell Jason what had happened, at least not until we left the resort. That night, the 13 of us took down the mattresses from the beds and huddled together in the living room. We barely slept, what with strange noises becoming more apparent to us. We left in the morning, never to return!”

Sally Y*, Writer


*names have been changed due to privacy

Taken from print. Original text by Amanda Sura.

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