FEMALE Talks To: The Impatient Sisters As They Get Ready To Rule The Festival Grounds Once Again

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The Impatient Sisters – who basically got their name from a songwriting session where the sisters realised that they are impatient people – consists of three lovely siblings: Nazeera, Soraya and Kina, who come from different professional backgrounds but share a love for music and performing live today. 

Since their debut on ‘The Wknd’ Sessions back in 2011, they’ve released multiple EPs and even released a self-titled album back in 2014. You might even recognise them as an opening act for the American folk-rock band Fleet Foxes back in 2017! Their indie-folk catchy tunes are just as dreamy and definitely the perfect lullaby for you to bathe your feelings in before a night of good sleep.

If that sounds good, rejoice cos this year, they’re coming back to make us swoon one more time at the festival grounds in Genting Highlands for Good Vibes this month!

So if you haven’t bought yourself a ticket for this year’s sold-out festival, you’ll definitely want to check them out. As they prep for Good Vibes, I had a chance to sit down with the bubbly trio and get all personal with the sisters as we find out more on their overall experience in the music industry and who they would like to collaborate with if they could. 

From left: Soraya, Nazeera and Kina

FEMALE: Who initiated the idea to start the band and what made you guys go for it?

The Impatient Sisters: “I think after we appeared on ‘The Wknd’, things just started to fall into place as word got around about our music and then people started booking us for shows. We were like, “Oh, we’re gonna have to be a real band now!” (laughs) 

F: How would you describe your music to someone who’s about to watch you live for the very first time?

TIS: “I guess most of our songs are very slow, very much like a lullaby. So if you’re chilling at the beach or just want to have some me time but want to have us around to teman you, we’re there for you!”

F: How do you guys stay so grounded when it comes to creating an album and during your songwriting process as siblings?

TIS: “It’s normal to fight as siblings, but then we just keep it light and fun and if it ever gets tense, we just learn to take a step back.”

F: Any particular memory that you’d like to share that kick-started your love for music?

TIS/Kina: “Back in high school, I used to play the guitar a lot for shows. And that was the time I was like, “I want to do this for real.” But we started playing music since we were young; one of us played the piano, then one of us would sing.

TIS/Soraya: “But never together though, right until we joined forces together right before ‘The Wknd’ debut happened.”

F: I see you also just released a song called Hopeless. Care to tell us what inspired that song?

TIS/Kina: “We’ve always liked country music, so it sounds sweet yet heartbreaking at the time. When I had that guitar riff, I was thinking towards a country vibe and Soraya already had the melody for it.” 

TIS/Soraya: “We wrote this song around two years ago and I personally think it was quite an easy song to write at first. No doubt, we did struggle with the second half of the song when we ran out of ideas to finish it. But after that, it just came naturally – it’s normal for this to happen when we’re in the process of writing a new song.”

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