FEMALE Talks To: Sera Gambles, Producer Of Netflix Series ‘You’

Gather your family and friends cos we’ve got a thrilling TV series you should add on your must-watch list!

Starring Penn Badgley, Elizabeth Lail and Shay Mitchell, the series based on Caroline Kepnes’s best selling novel You, revolves around a bookstore manager who develops obsessive feelings towards an aspiring writer and resorts to extreme measures to include himself into her life. While using the Internet and social media to find out everything he can about her life (stalker much?), he strives to remove every person and obstacles that gets in his way.

If this storyline got your attention, you’ll be able to catch You when it premieres on Netflix on 26 December 2018! And before you start your binge watch, we had a chance to interview producer Sera Gambles who made this book come to life to find out what you can expect from the show.

Photography: Courtesy of Netflix


FEMALE: What can we expect from this TV series considering that it’s an adaptation from a book by Caroline Kepnes? How is it different from the book? Was it hard to adapt?

Sera Gamble: “I think fans of the book will recognise the story they love. The book was challenging to adapt just because it’s great and we didn’t want to screw it up. But it lent itself to the TV medium. It was fun to translate Joe’s mind onto a visual canvas. To make the show, we expanded the world– you’ll get different characters’ points of view and even new characters we created to tell the story over the course of the season.”

F: What was the shift like working from a fantasy/paranormal series such as Supernatural and The Magicians to this psychological-thriller?

SG: “It actually doesn’t feel like a huge shift. I see monsters and the supernatural as a way to tell stories about the human condition – they’re a great stand-in for scary or alien things we feel inside us or see around us. You is also about these things – we’re just playing with a different set of toys. But ultimately, I’m always interested in exploring what scares me, and trying to puzzle out why people treat each other the way they do in our world.”

F: The book and series talk about the thrilling age of social media which is relevant to how the youth of our generation is experience and interact with the world. How did you strive to make this situation somewhat relatable to those who choose to make their life public online?

SG: “The lesson I learned making this show is that really, privacy is dead. We’re all exposed to at least some extent now online. It’s easier than ever to stalk someone – Joe is using only the tools we all have. And yet social media is also how we stay connected, keep informed, make new friends, do business. It’s rare to be able to build a life these days completely devoid of that component. It’s crucial… and it has its serious risks. I think that’s relatable to everyone.”

F: Were there any hidden messages we should look out for behind this series?

SG: “The messages are right out in the open. Like: password protect all your devices! And also: don’t stalk or kill people!”

Photography: Courtesy of Netflix

F: How long did it take for you to find the perfect man to portray the role of Joe Goldberg and what qualities were you looking for when you were auditioning for the role?

SG: “We spent a good amount of time auditioning and meeting actors for the role, but as soon as we sat down with Penn Badgley we knew we’d found the right actor. We were looking for someone thoughtful and smart, someone considerate. Because that’s who Joe is, on the surface: he doesn’t seem creepy at all– it’s his behavior that’s creepy, and his secret thoughts. Penn also came to the project having thought about the role from many angles. We were on the same page about the themes, and about our purpose in portraying a man who does the things Joe does.”

F: The show was aired previously on Lifetime and is now making its debut on Netflix itself – will we be expecting a continuation to the thrilling adventures of Joe Goldberg?

SG: “I don’t want to give too much away about how the first season turns out, but I can say that yes, you’ll be seeing more of Joe.”

F: In the trailer, Penn Badgley mentions, “The things you do for love” but in this case, what would you do for love?

SG: “I like to think I wouldn’t do half the things Joe does. Mostly because I’d prefer to spend my life outside of prison.”

The thrilling series, You is out now on Netflix!

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