FEMALE Talks To: Dr Evan Antin On Being Instagram-Famous And His New Show On Animal Planet

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F: How surreal has filming this TV show been true for you?

E: “As you can imagine, it was surreal to find out this was happening. It has been a dream of mine for 13 years. I’ve had this exact long-term goal and vision for my entire adult life. I’ll always travel the world and work with the wildlife, whether I have a camera crew with me or not, but if I can have that audience with me, then I get to share my adventures and raise awareness. At the end of the day, I want to get people excited about animals.”

F: Filming the show has brought you to many destinations around the world. What other places are on your bucket list?

E: “I’d love to visit Malaysia to do some diving there. There’s Sumatra in Indonesia, parts of Africa and South America, Philippines which I’d like to visit. Then there’s places like Argentina, Madagascar, Mozambique and Patagonia. Oh, I’ve never been to Alaska too, so the list goes on.”

F: You’re a big fan of Steve Irwin. How did his death affect you? 

E: “I’ve just gotten back to Australia a little bit before that. Obviously I was devastated, completely heartbroken. The guy gave his life and devoted everything towards wildlife animals and the way he was killed was just so ironic. I mean, this man has worked with many venomous snakes and dangerous man-eating crocodiles and then he gets stung by a sting ray. That was just a tragic, tragic day. A lot of my friends and family knew that I was a big fan of his and knew that I did that kind of work or wanted to go down that road. I was a bit younger at the time and didn’t have much experience under my belt compared to now. They were all worried and they just didn’t want me to end up in a situation where I could get hurt by animals.”

F: How do you feel when you hear news of wild animals going extinct?

E: “It’s a real battle. The truth is, every individual makes a difference and every time I hear a story like that, I try not to get too down because I know there are people out there, like conservationists or animal rescuers who are putting in a real effort in saving them. I believe with awareness, it’s still possible for everyone to make a difference, small or big.”

F: For most people, our interaction with animals are usually limited to domestic pets. Do you have any tips for caring for those animals?

E: “Do your research. Know what you’re getting yourself into before getting that pet. Find out what its needs are, what diet it requires and its habitat. Number two, get yourself a vet who know what he or she is doing. Make regular visits for them to allow them to take care of things like preventative medicines. This is to make sure your pet is healthy.”

Photo: Animal Planet

F: Is there an animal you’d love to meet one day?

E: “Yes, as much as I love cobras, I’ve never worked with a King Cobra. That’s definitely the first one that comes to mind. Besides that, it’d be a grizzly bear or a clouded leopard.”

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