FEMALE Talks To: Dr Evan Antin On Being Instagram-Famous And His New Show On Animal Planet

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Dr Evan Antin might be dubbed “ridiculously hot” by Buzzfeed (and every other woman on the planet), but this 34-year-old Kansas City native is more than just your Instagram-famous, dreamy-looking vet.

Photo: Animal Planet

Crowned ‘Sexiest Veterinarian Alive’ and ‘Sexiest Beast Charmer’ by People magazine in 2014 and 2017, Dr Evan proves that he can also make animals swoon on Evan Goes Wild, his new series that premiered locally last month on Animal Planet. When he’s not travelling the world and checking off his wildlife bucket list, you can find him serving as a veterinarian at the Conejo Valley Veterinary Hospital in California,USA, where he’s been employed since 2013 after graduating from the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Colorado, USA. However, his achievements doesn’t end there. Recently, he was named as the 2019 recipient of the Global Pet Expo’s annual ‘Excellence in Journalism and Outstanding Contributions to the Pet Industry’ award too!

FEMALE: What have the animals you’ve dedicated your life to taught you?

Dr Evan: “The more animals I work with, the more I realise how emotionally and intellectually intelligent they are. They really live in the moment, which is what I love about them. They’re all gentle, sweet and emotionally in-tune, and it makes me realise that there’s so much going on in their heads! That’s why it’s devastating when I see them being mistreated.”

F: Do you have a favourite animal which you’ve interacted with?

E: “It’s hard to have favourites. My love for animals started with reptiles and then it just kinda flourished from there. I love all the animals I’ve had the chance to work with. One of the most special moments I had on the show was with an Asiatic elephant in Nepal. It was this elephant who just didn’t get along with others and generally doesn’t like people, but for some reason she was very patient with me. We even had like a special bonding moment after I got to do some veterinary work with her. That was really heart-warming and special to me.”

F: There’s already a lot of animal shows on TV right now. What makes Evan Goes Wild different?

E: “What sets us apart is that there is not another show where there’s a veterinarian who travels the world AND works with wildlife AND takes you with them. Viewers will be able to see what those incredible countries have to offer in terms of natural beauty, the people, culture and of course, the wildlife. So having that combination is very unique. I think my production did a really good job of showing the connection between humans and animals. There are many special moments of me interacting with the wildlife and it’s not something you often see on TV these days.”

F: Did you find it easy being in front of the camera?

E: “No. The first time I got in front of a camera was in Australia when I was studying abroad. I was inspired by Steve Irwin because he used to film himself rescuing crocodiles and what not. I got myself a tripod and a camera, lived in a car and travelled the outback by myself for two weeks. Even then, when there was nobody around, it was hard. I’ve definitely grown to be more comfortable since but I’ve had zero professional training, so whenever you see me on camera, it’s just me being myself. There’s no acting or scripts involved.”

F: What was one of the best moments you’ve had while filming the show?

E: “It’s probably when I was in Palawan, Philippines. We were at the underground river and there was this wild monitor lizard. It wasn’t in a cage, it wasn’t enclosed. It looked like it had some kind of infection in its mouth so since I was there, I wanted to take a look and see if he’s healthy. I had to chase after this guy and when I finally caught him by the tail he was hissing and trying to bite me. So at that moment, I realised that it was just me catching a big dangerous lizard, talking about it on my Animal Planet show in the Philippines and it really hit home. That was just a super exiting and real moment for me.”

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