Female Exclusive: Find Out What We Talked About With The Cast Of Sex Education!

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Did you catch yourself binge-watching UK-based Netflix series, Sex Education over the weekend? Well, guess what? We did too! 

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Before you get the wrong idea, let it be known that Sex Education is a teen comedy series on Netflix that has become a critical and commercial success, with more than 40 million viewers streaming after its debut last year in January.

The British series revolves around the life of a socially awkward 16-year-old high school student named Otis (played by Asa Butterfield) who lives with his mum, Dr Jean Milburn, (played by Gillian Anderson), a well-known author and sex therapist.

To gain his social status in school, his best friend, Eric (played by Ncuti Gatwa) persuaded him to put his knowledge and expertise on sex to use by setting up an underground sex clinic within the school compounds to help deal with his classmates’ problems – with the help of his love interest, Maeve (played by Emma Mackey).

Otis may be an expert in the topic of teenage sexuality but to his surprise, he discovers that he too needs help when it comes to matters concerning sex!

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Prior to the release of the second season’s premiere last Friday (17th January), we had the opportunity to speak to our favourite trio, Eric, Otis and Maeve from the show on what we can expect to see in the latest season.

Read on to find out more from Asa, Emma and Ncuti!

FEMALE: What’s it like working with each other for the past two seasons? 

Ncuti: “It’s been amazing. It’s amazing working with everyone on this show. It’s really nice, obviously, I mean, the stars of the show are the writers. The writing is incredible. And it’s always great coming back to a project that has such well-written characters and well thought out storylines. And there’s always a sense of play. Everybody’s very close. And everybody really likes the project so it’s great to work with people who want to deliver their best. It’s a lovely little family that we’ve got.”

Emma: “Beautifully said, Ncuti. Couldn’t agree more!”

F: Are there any particular scenes from Season One or Two that were memorable to you? 

E: “Well, in Season One I quite liked my scene with Asa in the pool. It was very silly and we got to be kids for the whole day in the pool. This season, there’s a particular scene in an episode that centres on the female characters that sticks with me until now and will carry on with me, I think for a long time. It’s really an empowering and very moving kind of scene.”

N: “From the first series, I think a scene that sticks with me is the scene where Adam exposes himself to the whole canteen! And I thought to myself, oh, this show is going to be fun! From Season Two I think I’m going to have to steal Emma’s answer and say that same scene. I’ve not seen it yet but I know it’s just going to be really iconic. And just from that scene where female unity and the empowerment of it all symbolises the series really well.”

A: “My favourite scene in Season One… gosh, it feels like it’s so long ago. I like when everyone is together at the assembly and I think there’s quite a nice atmosphere when we’re all in one room. I also really like the scene where Jackson (played by Kedar Williams-Stirling) sings to Maeve – I think that they did that really well. That could’ve very easily been sort of cheesy but Kedar and well, everyone did a really good job in making it feel honest and quite touching. As for Season Two, there are so many ‘gifts’ in Season Two but episode seven is brilliant! Another thing I’m very excited to see is episode six when Otis has a party and invites everyone. You’re going to see some new people so that’s gonna be interesting. I could go on but I don’t want to spoil it for you but take note that there are big scenes!”

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F: What’s the first thing that you guys do before filming to get into character?

A: “I’m not sure if there’s anything I do in particular to get into character. I feel quite comfortable with Otis and I feel quite like myself with quite a good grip on him. It’s actually quite easy to just kind of step into that character especially when you’re on set surrounded by a team. It just feels very natural and normal.”

E: “I think everyone’s process is different. I like to listen to music for example. And, as soon as I get into costume I step straight back into Maeve. We’re helped by all of those elements that create the environment that we work in – so with costume, hair and makeup, and then the director and writer and everything… help us get into our characters.”

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