FEMALE Talks To: Singer-Songwriter Sabrina Claudio (Exclusive!)

From posting covers on Youtube to uploading her own tracks on Soundcloud to making a name for herself on her way to stardom, there’s no no doubt Sabrina Claudio is definitely someone you need to look out for. Honestly, I’m still buzzing over her performance last month up in Genting Highlands for Good Vibes Festival and this down-to-earth lady charmed us all as we sat down with her for a quick interview before her performance.

Find out more on her journey, insightful deets on her collabs and what her favourite song was to write!

FEMALE: Looking back at your musical journey from uploading tracks such as ‘Confidently Lost’ to the online streaming platform, Soundcloud to being a newly rising musician in the game right now – how would you personally describe your journey to us?

Sabrina Claudio: “Every time I listen back to my first project. I’m honestly in shocked at how much I’ve changed in such a short amount of time as I’m growing as a woman and as an artist – it’s also just because I’m only 22. My music has evolved so quickly and I think I’ve just gotten a lot more comfortable with expressing myself in ways I didn’t think I could in the past. So I think you could definitely hear that vulnerability in the current music compared to earlier on.”

F: Was it a struggle to find that perfect direction for you?

SC: “Yes, actually, it took me about four years to establish my sound. I always knew what sound I wanted. I always knew who I was. But I was never confident enough to go for that. And so when I moved to Los Angeles when I was 18 years old, I said, you know, what, if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work but at least I’m being true to myself. It took me a good amount of years, but I finally got it.”

F: What can we expect to see from your performance, especially since it’ll be our first time watching you live in KL?

SC: “I have a completely live performance, with a full four-piece band. I try to make every show as intimate as possible, whether there are five or 5000 people because I think that’s what my music expresses. I want everybody to be able to feel like, it’s just me and them in a room. I think that’s the most important thing to expect from the performance – a super intimate conversation between myself and the audience.”

F: Was there ever a time where you got lost in your own songwriting process? 

SC: “All the time! I get lost a lot of the time, sometimes in a good way. But most of the times, I tend to overthink about what I’m writing because I just want to make sure that whatever story I’m telling is going to be able to heal somebody in some certain way. So it’s a lot easier to just write in ways that I know will translate to everybody.”

F: Do you have anything to share with us on any upcoming releases? 

SC: “As a matter in fact, with this upcoming album that I’ll be releasing. I’ve been working with nothing but songwriters and that has been more relieving than sitting in a room, writing by myself. I’ve also been working with a lot of amazing women as well and being able to express myself to them and they express themselves to me. It’s like, wow, I’m not the only female feeling this feeling so that has been liberating to me.”

F: You’ve also been busy lately by releasing an album last year and a few singles this year too, with ‘Energy’ and ‘All My Love’. Care to share with us what the new single is all about?

SC: “Walle is an amazing person. Actually, releasing ‘All My Love’ is actually both of our singles, we worked on it together very quickly. It was honestly something very unexpected and out of the blue but the song itself has a very nostalgic feeling to it and I knew he was just the perfect person to collaborate with it and i’m glad it was with this single!”

F: You’ve also released ‘As Long As You’re Asleep’ by co-writing it with Grammy-nominated songwriter, Harloe. How was that like for you?

SC: “With Harloe, ‘As Long As You’re Asleep’ was written on the very first day I met her, and she came in, spilled her heart out to me since she was going through something at that time. Mind you, we weren’t writing but we were just talking about everything that she was going through. Every little thing she was telling me was like a line for a song and just like that, we created this track in an hour because she was just spilling her guts out. I was so grateful for that cos I felt like I was her diary for a second. She was able to release anything that she was feeling to me and now she and any other girl can listen back to this and be like, “damn, she described exactly what I feel.”

F: Lastly, what would you classify as your top favourite song to write and sing of all time?

SC: “I would have to say, ‘Confidently Lost”. I know it’s very cliche of me to say, but it was the first song I ever wrote as an independent artist. Until this day, it’s completely relatable to me, my story and everyday life. So when I sing it on stage and then hearing people sing it back – it’s like we’re all in this little world of being confidently lost and it’s a great feeling to have.”