Discover Your Year In Music With Spotify

And what the rest of Malaysia has been listening to in 2017.

Next to smells, music can be a super powerful time machine. The familiar chorus of a song can instantly transport you back into a time in your life– for good or for bad.  Now Spotify has made it even easier to look back on your year in music with its interactive ‘2017 Wrapped’ site to create and celebrate your unique soundtrack of the year!

How? Spotify will gather your listening habits over the past year and show you what your year in music looks like. To check it out, visit , log in with your Spotify account and behold your personalized list 2017 music.  From your most listened to genres, tracks, artists, and even the to total number of minutes spent listening to music this year, ‘2017 Wrapped’ breaks down your year in music. And, if you’re brave (or proud) enough to bare your guilty pleasures to the world, you can share and compare with friends on social media!

Try to guess your top artist, track, and genre of the year to see how in touch you are with your own music habits! Spotify will also churn out 2 personalised playlists for you– one containing the top 100 tracks you listened to the most throughout the year, and another containing the music they think you should have listened to. The result is like a personalized mixtape of previously undiscovered songs, made just for you, by a group of highly knowledgeable music fans.

Now hurry on over to, then see how you stack up against the rest of Malaysia: