Daiyan Trisha’s #KitaManusia To Create Awareness On Mental Health Issues in Malaysia

Before you read on, watch this and prepare a box of tissue cos you’re going to need it!

#KitaManusia – a song written and sang by local songstress, Daiyan Trisha – touches on the topic of mental health and she’s spreading awareness about the issue through her music and social media campaign.

The campaign aims to create a chain reaction of short videos on social media from the public to share their stories and personal struggles on mental health problems through the hashtag #KitaManusia.

The 24-year-old shared on her Instagram that she wrote the song when she was in a dark place in her life.

“I felt despair and alone. But then I realised that we’re allowed to feel all sorts of emotions and that we don’t have to have everything figured out. It’s ok to not be okay, as long as we pick ourselves back up.”

“Everyone faces their own personal struggles and we shouldn’t be too hard on ourselves. Some are dealing with mental illnesses that come with these struggles. I want you to know that you are not alone & I want to be there for you. Kita semua sama, kita manusia.”


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‘Sadness and frustration are inevitable, but there is always light at the end of the tunnel.’

We can be strong and vulnerable, we can be happy and sad -it’s okay to feel it and let your emotions show, no one is perfect that’s what makes us human. The song isn’t just a song, it’s a message for you to speak out about the problem, educate and reach out to your family and friends. Know that it’s not the end, you can change it and turn it into something positive.

Alongside the track, she has brought in eight other local personalities to frontline the campaign – model and actress, Alicia Amin; HitzFm announcer, Melissa Th’ng; poet and activist, Fyn Jamal;cancer survivor & celebrity makeup artist, Mukhlis Idris; social media  icon, Hafreez Amminuddin; IM4U.fm announcer, TV; singer and model, Sasha Nicole; and speech therapist, Anis Khairil.

Each of them came on board with their own inspiring stories of mental health struggles – such as depression, anxiety, depersonalisation and self-harm – and how they went over the wall and overcame it.

If you want to see Daiyan performing this song and more, mark November 2nd on your calendar and be at The Bee Publika at 9pm. You can also have a sit-down with the singer herself and share with her your stories.

 Don’t miss out the #KitaManusia music video TONIGHT at 9pm on youtube.com/daiyantrisha!

Watch the heart to heart sessions with Daiyan Trisha & Friends for #KitaManusia below.

#KitaManusia – Alicia Amin

#KitaManusia – Mukhlis Idris

#KitaManusia – Hafreez Aminuddin

#KitaManusia – Melissa Th’ng

#KitaManusia – Anis Adila

#KitaManusia – Fynn Jamal

#KitaManusia – Thevanesh Rao

#KitaManusia – Sasha NIcole


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