Creepy Vintage Disneyland Costumes

Seriously, Mickey and Minnie look like they want our souls!

It seems like not everything vintage is truly très chic. Case in point: these terrifying vintage beauty treatments. Second case in point: (really) vintage Disneyland costumes. These days, we would love to visit every Disneyland in the world, but if someone were to stuff you into a time machine and ask for your desired destination, trust us, you wouldn’t want to choose Walt Disney’s magical land of wonder. At least not after you’ve seen these photos of the Disney characters’ costumes in its retro, erm, glory. Mascot costumes were probably not a very developed industry back in the 1930s to 1970s when these photos were taken.

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Source: Incredible Things, io9, BuzzFeed Rewind

Also, another thing you probably didn’t know about your fave Disney cartoons is they actually, supposedly, had subliminal sexual messages. Don’t remember seeing them? Well, scroll through gallery below and you won’t be able to unsee them from now onwards. 

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When the movie came out on VHS, we bet you were begging your parents to buy it for you and we bet (with cookies) that you were looking at the huge lion shadow and not the back view of a woman in her undies. Right?

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Art can be interpreted in many different ways, but some people have managed to spot the word ‘SEX’ in Rapunzel’s hair in the movie poster. Guess she came up with a new version of the Spelling Bee after being locked in the tower for so long.


Do those dandelion seeds in the air spell ‘SEX’ or ‘SFX’? Some viewers have spotted the former but the truth is: it’s ‘SFX’, a little mark the special effects team had put in to remember their work by. Or so they say.


A mermaid princess, a handsome prince and a shiny golden palace – it would have been your desktop’s wallpaper if you had a computer then. All of that and a hidden disco stick.

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Rather than finding out who framed Roger Rabbit, someone should find out who forgot to give his wife, Jessica Rabbit, some lingerie. Either that, or that’s one teeeeeeny thong.

Subliminal Manipulation

You were probably too anxious for Ariel in this scene, where poor disillusioned Eric was about to say ‘I Do’ to makeup-heavy Ursula, to have noticed that the minister was getting a little too excited by the ceremony. Some critics however have countered this accusation as ‘it’ actually being the little guy’s bendy knees as shown in other shots in the film. Either way, it has been removed.


Okay, everything on this list has so far been debatable, but Disney definitely fessed up with this one, recalling about 3.4 million copies of the video three days after its release due to an objectionable image found in the background of a scene. We say that topless woman should have invested in some curtains.

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