Lee Min Ho Talks About His Skin Care Concerns and New Movie

Even the hot Korean actor has his bad skin days, but he also knows how to help it recover.

He has a new movie out, and he’s the face of several Korean brands, including Korea’s no. 1 natural beauty brand, innisfree, which recently opened in Malaysia. The sky is certainly the limit for Lee Min Ho and we were lucky enough to catch the 27-year-old star for a quick Q&A when he was in town for the innisfree Festa. From talks about his skin problems to chats about his new movie, Gangnam 1970, to joking about his appeal, it’s easy to understand why Lee Min Ho is on most people’s list of fave Korean celebrities.

Min Ho 4

What is your biggest skincare concern?

Lee Min Ho (MH): Being an artist, my biggest concern would be dehydration due to harsh weather, and overuse of makeup leading to damaged skin. Recently, due to the taxing working conditions and long hours while on set of my recent movie shoot, I somewhat ignored my daily regime which majorly damaged my skin. However, thanks to my au natural innisfree products, my skin is recovering back to a healthier state.


What’s your daily skincare routine like? 

MH: (chuckles) To be honest, growing up, I was a soap and water guy – I never took care of my skin as much as I do now. Since becoming an actor, and given the makeup I have to wear while on tour, shoot or even on stage, I have learnt how important it is to keep my skin healthy and supple. I try to do deep cleansing using a foam cleanser to keep my skin clean and clear. Also, if my skin is too dry, I will supplement it with a moisturising pack. On top of that, I always travel with innisfree’s Green Tea Seed Serum as it helps me keep my skin moisturised.


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What are your 3 favorite innisfree products?

MH: innisfree’s all-time star item, the Green Tea Seed Serum is one that I cherish the most. However, I also like using the Volcanic Pore Clay Mask for total pore care. I supplement my daily regime by using all types of moisturising facial pack too.

You’re kicking off to a new start with the movie Gangnam 1970, tell us about it.

MH: It is an action movie with manly characters. I guess many of you already know about ‘Gangnam’ through Psy’s hit song, Gangnam style, and this movie is based on the Gangnam area back in 1970. Overall, the story is about a fearless young man who’s living in the tough 1970s as he tries to overcome hardships and achieve success.


What is your most memorable scene?

MH: You will see many action scenes in the movie, but among them is the last fighting scene. It was shot in the rain and in a muddy field. I think the audience will feel very impressed and moved by watching that scene as it shows the mixed feelings of each character.


Why do you think people think you are attractive? 

MH: Maybe my skin is what attracts them? (chuckles) I’m just kidding. Apart from the charming characters that I play in both movies and dramas, I think my personality shines. Or maybe, it’s my height too? After all, I’m 187cm tall.

LEE MIN HO interview 2015


What are the changes in life that you want to achieve in 2015?

MH: Given that the movie Gangnam 1970, which was supposed to be released in 2014 but got delayed till now, I have not been able to do any other drama or film last year. So for this year, I plan to dabble in more than two to three dramas or films for the fans.



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