FEMALE Exclusive: Interview With Sydney Sierota From Echosmith

With the second single from their anticipated new album now released, we just had to find out what else is in store for this California-based sibling band.

From left: Noah, Graham and Sydney Sierota

It was back in 2013 when I first heard Echosmith’s debut single Cool Kids. Everyone I knew loved it because not only did it sound fresh, the lyrics were also relatable. Fast forward two years later, the band visited Malaysia for a concert in KL Live as part of the 2015 Good Vibes Festival, where they performed to a crowd of cheering fans. While they’re now down by one sibling (since Jamie, the oldest brother, left last year), today, Echosmith still remains strong as a band and is excited to show their fans how much they’ve changed since their first album.

I missed the chance of meeting Sydney when she was in KL two years back, so it felt pretty ironic and surreal that I was there in her hometown Los Angeles instead, sitting in a room of a building that houses one of the most renowned recording companies in the world. After finishing a few other interviews in the next room, Sydney, dressed in the prettiest pink dress, and finally came to say hello. From there, we talked about her love for Hello Kitty, Asia and how different Echosmith is as a band now compared to when they first started out eight years ago.

FEMALE: Was there ever pressure to come up with something that sounds as amazing as Cool Kids and Bright?

Sydney: “Yes of course there was naturally a bit of pressure to write a song that’s just as good if not better than the songs that people liked from us before. But we kinda just had to put that aside, and to write songs that comes from our hearts because that’s whats going to translate the most. That’s how the song Cool Kids and Bright came about – our stories and just us being natural with making music and we think that’s what usually works best instead of trying to write a hit song. We try to not think about the pressure but yes, it was naturally there.”

F: Your latest singles Future Me and Goodbye sound different than the songs in your first album. Are the other nine songs in this new album going to sound different as well?

S: “There’s a lot of diversity in this album, but it feels like they’re part of the same family. Goodbye is the only song in this new album that sounds like that. The rest are all diff. We’ve gone in a couple of directions in this new album but they’re still related.”


F: What is your fav song from Inside A Dream and why?

S: “It’s hard to choose cos there’s so many. I love different songs for different reasons. Goodbye is definitely one of my favourites because it’s unique and it was really fun to write. Also, it was an acoustic guitar leading the whole song, which is how we start most of our songs, so it felt like we were going back to our roots and it felt very natural. Another favourite of mine is called Get Into My Car, I love it because it’s a very happy song and it feels like a movie. It’s all about being in love.”

F: So how do you think your writing process has changed compared to the first album?

S: “It changed a lot because obviously Jamie was the co-writer for the first album and writing with him was a big base of what we did. So with him leaving the group, that changed how we worked on this album. It’s really fun that we got to change things musically. But for the lyrics, I guess it just changes as we got older. I mean, I have more stories to tell now that I’m four years older.”

F: Is Echosmith going to be collaborating with any other artists in the near future?

S: “No, we’re not going to be doing any collaborations any time soon. But then again, you never know what might manifest from the friends you make in this industry.”

F: It’s obvious you love makeup. Do you prefer to do your own makeup or have it done for you?

S: “I love to go crazy and experiment new things with my makeup when I’m on tour, but if it’s for TV appearances, I’d prefer to get my makeup done because it’s nice to just sit there and have one less thing to worry about. I also get to learn new tricks and techniques from the makeup artist. So it’s good to have a balance of both cos you can’t always have someone around to paint your face.”

F: You collaborated with Hollister on your own collection last year. Was fashion something you always wanted to do?

S: “YES! I’ve always dreamt about it, like how one day I’ll have my own clothing line. But I’ve always imagined myself doing it when I’m way older; little did I know, at 19, I’d be collaborating with an iconic brand like Hollister. I mean, I shopped there as a kid and loved their clothes. So it’s cool that it’s a company that I looked up to. It’s just a surreal experience and one of those WOW moments. I love clothes, so I hope I get to do this again in the future.”

F: What’s the one fashion tip you can take away after being in the spotlight for so long?

S: “Express yourself. It’s easy to scroll through Instagram and to want to dress like that girl. But it’s cool to have your own style and to be different, have your own voice and have fun. Don’t feel the need to follow that certain celebrity because who knows, what you’re doing could be the next big thing.”

It's a match-your-eyeshadow-to-your-shirt kind of day ??? @coach

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