#changedestiny: Pushing boundaries

After winning the Miss World Malaysia 2008 beauty title, singer Soo Wincci has big plans of completing her PhD in order to develop her showbiz career.

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FEMALE: Tell us, how did you end up in your current role?

Wincci: “I’ve been singing ever since I was young but didn’t have the opportunity to break into the industry. So I started modelling and enrolled myself in a music school. My parents were not exactly supportive of the idea but I made a deal with them. They sent me to the UK for a law degree, and when I came back in 2008 to do my master’s, I also joined Miss World Malaysia and won. That’s when my whole journey in the entertainment line began, thanks to that title.”


FEMALE: Was this the right path for you?

Wincci: “I definitely saw myself going down this path, but I didn’t think it’d take such a long route. Initially, when I came in (to the entertainment industry) I only wanted to sing, but it was hard just to be a singer. I didn’t expect to eventually hold so many roles: from a beauty queen to a singer, followed by an actress, composer and now entrepreneur.”


FEMALE: What was your biggest fear?

Wincci: “Well, I used to be a ‘princess’, so I feared everything! [Laughs] But the thing I feared most was change. Slowly I learnt that my fears were only increasing and if I didn’t start conquering them, they’ll just remain there. Sometimes, it’s not as scary as you think it is.”


FEMALE: Any obstacles you faced along the way?

Wincci: “Way too many! For starters, I didn’t get any support from my parents. After I won Miss World Malaysia, the title was so huge that it overshadowed my talent. This led people to think I was only here for the fame; hence, I had to work really hard for a few years to shift the focus back to my music. Breaking through the different markets was a challenge too, but I managed to eventually penetrate them all. When I ventured into Taiwan, I had no investors for my music and had to take a huge bank loan to launch my career there. The lesson I learnt? There will always be obstacles and there’s no use complaining; we just have to overcome them.”


FEMALE: An advice for those facing failure?

Wincci: “Whenever you face failures and challenges, it’s natural to feel down and think you’re on the wrong path. Here’s the thing: there’s no right or wrong. It’s all about knowing what you really want. So always remember your dreams, constantly remind yourself and have a good team to support you.”


FEMALE: Two things that kept you optimistic throughout your journey? 

Wincci: “Firstly, teamwork. I took over my artiste management company, Beyond Artistes Sdn Bhd, a few years ago, so it’s really important to have a strong team who not only works for you but also understands you. Secondly, education trained me to see the bigger picture and beyond, which is why I’m still pursuing my PhD and excited about graduating next year!”


FEMALE: Are you satisfied with where your business is heading? 

Wincci: “I’m never ever satisfied. And with the market changing so fast, there’s no one formula that’s going to work throughout. My team is growing quickly too and we’re planning to expand into more markets while opening doors for newcomers, so you’ll definitely be seeing more of me!”


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