5 Things You Didn’t Know About Linora Low

We caught up with celebrity emcee, TV personality and now brand ambassador of R U Tough Enough?: The Men vs. Women Edition, and found out five things you might not have known about this spunky redhead. 


1. It’s been a tough journey

She may seem confident now but Linora says she struggled to break into the business and get to where she is today. “Earlier, I was not picked for a number of [projects] because of the way I look; I was not your ‘typical-sized’ girl meant for the screen or print because my arms were too big, my shoulders were too broad,” she shares. “Furthermore, starting in this line is tough because you don’t know where to start.” Luckily, with sheer perseverance on her own part, support from her mum and an amazing manager, Linora has managed to get to where she is today.


2. Images of her fave fitness icons on her desktop wallpaper are her inspo

Visual motivation is one of the ways Linora suggests to help us keep up with our fitness goals. She also recommends reading motivational quotes, listening to pep talks (her favourites are by fictional boxer Rocky Balboa and the late fitness model Greg Plitt), and working out with gym buddies, like a friend, partner or family member.


3. Her favourite holiday spots for a little R&R include Bali and Phuket

But if she told us what went down during those trips, she’d have to kill us. Just kidding! Linora adds: “My travel stories are all fun and wholesome!”


4. She maintains her hair partially by eating right

Chilli Medusa is tired. Good night everyone ?

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We’ve all wondered how Linora keeps her bright-red locks so vivid, yet healthy; she reveals that besides hair treatments and having them touched up by highly-recommended experts in colouring, eating superfoods such as almonds and salmon can really help strengthen and naturally promote hair growth.


5. In the pipeline: her own fitness channel and clothing line

Linora strongly believes she will not be slowing down any time soon as there’s “so much more to achieve”! Besides planning to start her own fitness channel where she shares tips and tricks from the fitness trade, she also plans to develop her motivational clothing line MetaWolf.