5 Princesses Who Renounced Their Royal Titles For Love

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Everyone has the freedom to choose who they want to love and marry but for some royalties, this would mean giving up their royal titles. Marrying a commoner is not an uncommon path for them but for the royal women in Japan under the Japanese Imperial Law, marrying one would mean they’d have to renounce their position. Yes, it only applies for the women as women have no claim on the Chrysanthemum throne.

Yesterday, Japan’s Princess Ayako,27, the youngest daughter of Emperor Akihito’s late cousin Prince Takamado, announced her engagement to Kei Moriya, 32, who works for shipping firm NYK Line, also known as Nippon Yusen K.K. She is the third Japanese Princess to give up her status to marry a commoner.

She fell in love with Moriya’s “kind, smart and decisive” personality.

According to a report on Japan Times, the two met last December when her mother, Princess Hisako, introduced them. The princess said she felt really comfortable with Moriya as their conversation got so lively that it felt like they’ve known each other their whole lives. She fell in love with Moriya’s “kind, smart and decisive” personality. Moriya proposed to Princess Ayako at a restaurant during a dinner date. The wedding is set to happen at Tokyo’s Meiji Jingu shrine on October 29 this year. Once the couple has tied the knot, Princess Ayako will relinquish her princess title and will have to leave the Imperial Household.

Ahead we’ve listed other Princesses who took the same path as Princess Ayako for true love. Click the arrow for more!

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