4 Other Movies You’d Recognise Bryce Dallas Howard From

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Yes, you’ve definitely seen this lovable redhead actress somewhere…and not just as Jessica Chastain’s doppelganger!

Photo: Instagram, @brycedhoward

Jurrasic World: Fallen Kingdom hits cinemas next week, and the one person we’re excited to see back on screen is the ever-gorgeous Bryce Dallas Howard reprising her role as Claire Dearing (definitely not Chris Pratt after the whole incident of Star Lord screwing things up in Avengers: Infinity War)! Honestly, I just can’t wait to see Bryce in action again after all the stunts she did while wearing high heels in the first movie. #GirlPower

If you’re anything like me (a pop culture junkie), you’ve probably already found out that Bryce Dallas Howard is the daughter of the one and only Ron Howard (most notable for directing the latest space franchise movie Solo: A Star Wars Story). Not only that, I’m pretty sure you’ve also watched the dozens of interviews on YouTube where Jessica Chastain and Byrce talk about how they’re constantly being mistaken for each other. I personally find it very fascinating when two completely different people look alike. It’s exactly like the whole Amy Adams and Isla Fisher situation all over again! I mean, can Hollywood just make a movie with these two lookalikes in it already?

Oh wait, they already have…

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