3 Life Lessons That We Learned From Juliana Evans

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Change is good

FEMALE: What were some of your best experiences while growing up?

Juliana: “I grew up in KL with my parents and we moved around a lot (from Petaling Jaya to Mantin in Negeri Sembilan, as well as Ampang and a whole load of other places). This was mainly because of my dad’s job – he was a school teacher. Some people might think of this as burdensome but I’m happy that we moved around a lot because it taught me how to adapt to new things easily. No doubt it was quite sad when the time came for me to say goodbye to my friends but on the bright side, the more I moved, the more friends I made! One of the best memories I had was when I decided to move schools by myself in Form Three. It was so liberating to find out that my mum actually allowed me to make my own choices at such a young age and it’s also the reason why I’m confident of the life choices that I make today. Besides that, my other fond memories were of how involved I was in sports. I was one of the top athletes in my school and represented my school in hockey, netball, long jump, running, cheerleading, gymnastics as well as artistic gymnastics. I didn’t become a world-class athlete or anything of that sort, but personally, I’m very proud of myself for going all out in sports because it taught me not to give up. Unfortunately, when I started to get more involved in hosting, I had limited time and eventually had to let it go.”

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