The Badass Women You Need To Know As Revealed Through A Taylor Swift ‘Meme’

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Over the weekend, a tweet went viral on Twitter and the responses were very inspirational in a way.

@xnulz, a Twitter user tweeted ‘Name a bitch badder than Taylor Swift’. We’re not sure how it garnered into getting 11k replies but it’s one of the best memes we’ve seen.

Usually, when things go viral, the content would seem rather petty and it’s just for laughs but this one stood out as the internet responded with the most enlightening comebacks that introduces the world to so many great women in our history and now – dead, alive and fictional.

They were women who they think have impacted many lives or have done a great deal in their respective fields. From female activist to holocaust survivors to the women in their own lives we never thought a meme could be so inspiring. Now we have more women to look up to, we love this!

But we’re not here to degrade Taylor Swift of her status but in a way thanks to her and her fan, everyone is now more knowledgeable about great women who are badasses in the history of badasses. Everyone is empowering in their own way no matter how big or small their stories are, including Taylor Swift. Period!

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