7 Entertainment And TV Happenings To Take Note Of In March 2020                            

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Looking for the latest entertainment and TV happenings to enrich your life? We’ve got your covered.

Put on your earphones and immerse into another dimension this month with newly released music, thriller shows and wholesome romantic movies. The various different genres will take you on a roller coaster ride of emotions, from sad and heartfelt to exhilarating and dramatic.

1. Listen to Kaka Azraff’s latest track

With over 1.5 billion streams to-date, Ali Gatie is already taking the new year by storm. His newest single ‘What If I Told You That I Love You’ earned over 65 million streams on Spotify and recently, Malaysian singer Kaka Azraff dropped a track and video titled ‘Bila Kau Ucapkan Cinta’ as a direct response to the rapper’s single. Over soft guitar chords and pulsating beat, the ballad encompasses a ‘now that you want me, you can’t have me’ attitude.

“I love the song by Ali, so jumping on this track and having the chance to reply to the original song was something new for me but I loved it. Singing it in Malay especially, I tried to do my own version but still make it relate to the original. I hope Ali loves it!” says Kaka.

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