6 Most Memorable Merdeka Commercials We Love

Let’s bring back some nostalgic moments on our favourite Merdeka commercials to celebrate our 59th Independence Day


There have many Merdeka commercials that have been produced over the years and only a handful had our heart strung and inspire our Malaysian spirits on becoming proud of being a Malaysian. In conjunction of the Merdeka celebration, we have scoured through our most favourite memorable Merdeka commercials and here are the list!

Tan Hong Ming

When it comes to cutesy local commercials that melts our heart, this memorable Tan Hong Ming merdeka advertisement from PETRONAS wins Malaysians hearts in an instant. Made by the late director Yasmin Ahmad, who was already known for her previous ads for Petronas took a different turn by interviewing a bunch of primary school kids with unscripted interviews. This commercial had been one of Yasmin’s most famous work and had won gold at the 2008 Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival.

Letchumi and Rokiah

Malaysia is the only country we know in Asia that has no problems when it comes to interracial relationships, and this commercial of an Indian and Malay girls touches many. The story is a vivid metaphor for friendship and unity among Malaysians, and how we should not let something that is – in the larger scheme of things – trivial to come between us.

Boat Race

If you grew in the nineties and noughties, then you should remember this slapstick commercial. With it’s catchy background music of ‘Itik Gembo Gembo’ by boy band ‘A to Z’ and also the line up of familiar famous actors, this commercial is a hit amongst school kids that age! It also teaches a good message about unity as well.

We Are Family

Not really an old commercial, but it does leave a great impact back in 2014. Though we’ve had enough of Caucasians being the face on our media, but Maxis took a chance with its sharp narrative from the point of view of an expat and his experience of Malaysian social bonding and slangs.


Most of the Merdeka commercials are revolved around our three main races but this time, Petronas included the Malaysian families of Sabah and Sarawak on the challenges in raising their children on being the future of the nation.

One Little Indian Boy

This poignant commercial takes back the historical moment of the declaration of our Independence Day and a personal point of view from a little Indian boy. One of the commercial that started the throwback of our first Independence Day, this commercial touches the patriotism of what really Merdeka is all about rather than just another public holiday.

While we’re being pumped up in patriotism of our Merdeka and National Day, we’d like to present our favourite National Day commercial from Digi! Prepare a box of tissue, because it’s going to get you teary eyed.