6 Foreign Series On Netflix To Get Into When You’re Bored

Photography: IMDB (Julia Terjung/Netflix)

While we’ve been practising TikTok dances or learning new skills via online classes to pass the time away, one of our favourite things to do now is watching foreign series. Why? First off, if you’re learning the language, it’s a great way to enhance it while keeping yourself entertained. Second, it breaks you out of your comfort zone and opens your eyes to the different cultures and their way of life while immersing yourself into the different techniques of filming and editing. And lastly, thanks to the foreign language, we think it’s a perfect way to divert your attention from the current situation. Check out some of the shows we found on Netflix that’ll surely get you hooked.

1. Dark (2 seasons)

If you’re looking for something that’ll challenge you to connect the dots, Dark is one you can’t miss. Set in a town of Winden, Germany, the mystery-drama series revolves around the case of missing children, secrets from four estranged families that are somehow connected and a disturbing time-travel conspiracy that’ll blow your mind at the end of it.

2. Black Spot (2 seasons)

This French supernatural-thriller takes place in a small town where the murder rate is strangely higher than the national average. To make matters worse, the eerie forest that surrounds it (and where the murders occur) holds a secret which Captain Laurène Weiss and Prosecutor Franck Siriani proceed to investigate.

3. Atelier (1 season)

Aired in 2015, this Japanese drama follows ‘fabric geek’ Mayuko Tokita who joins an haute couture lingerie store called Emotion in Ginza, Tokyo, while struggling with her relationship with her Anna Wintour-like mentor, Mayumi Nanjoto and to find her place in this new world. Although this series may give you a ‘The Devil Wear Prada’ vibe, it focuses more on Mayuko’s drive to succeed while staying true to her own values.

4. The Rain (2 seasons)

If you’re into eco-apocalyptic-themed films, Netflix’s first Danish series The Rain may pique your interest. Ending all civilization with a deadly virus in the rain, the show’s protagonists Simone and her brother Rasmus are kept safe by their father in an underground bunker until one day they emerge to discover what’s left of the world.

5. The House of Flowers (2 seasons)

Following a dysfunctional elite Mexican family that runs a reputable flower shop, this black comedy-drama sees a bunch of conflicts that need to be taken care of from the suicide of Ernesto de la Mora’s mistress Roberta at his birthday party to one of his three children with Ernesto’s wife Virginia not being his biological child.

6. Coisa Mais Linda (The Most Beautiful Thing) (1 season)

Set in the late ’50s, Maria Luiza (or Malu) arrives in charming, picturesque Rio de Janeiro to open a restaurant together with her husband only to discover that he’s disappeared and is probably having an affair with another woman. Distraught, she decides to take control of her life and open the restaurant by herself while discovering new cultures, music and challenges.

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