5 Priceless Lessons In Female Friendship We Learned From TV

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“There is a special place in the bottom of the pit for women that don’t help other women” – Madeleine Albright

That’s former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright making that sentiment– publicly, we might add. And if that doesn’t start you thinking about the power of female friendship and the need for us women to support each other (think of women-led female empowerment communities like Lean In), then we’re not sure what will.

And it’s not just us, TV shows have caught on to the importance of depicting nuanced, supportive and honest portrayals of female relationships and empowerment too.  Here are 5 lessons in female friendship we’ve learnt just from watching TV!

1. Women have each other’s back – GLOW

Teamwork is when the women of GLOW unite to make women wrestling as realistic and entertaining as possible.

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