5 Girl Power Lessons We Love From Stranger Things

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A Netflix binge is a great way to spend the weekend, but entertainment also has a more far-reaching influence than that! 

The ‘damsel-in-distress’ is thankfully out of date, and on screen today, we see female leads take on more dynamic roles that better represent actual women. With more complex female roles exploring the everything from the  different personalities of women and girls today to the depth of female friendship, it’s safe to say that TV is inspiring a new generation of women around the world. 

Netflix’s Stranger Things is no exception here. While the show has plenty of male characters, there’s never been any doubt that it’s the female leads who stand out and drive the show. Showing uncanny grit, strength and versatility, these leading ladies have breathed life into the strong characters that they play. With Season 3 premiering in a few days, we’re looking forward to seeing how they continue to grow and evolve. Until then, Here are 5 great lessons we can all pick up from the girls and women of Hawkins!

(Spoilers for the first two seasons of Stranger Things follow.)

1. Stand for what you know to be true, even if others disagree.  

Having lost her son, Will, Joyce Byers soon found that he was communicating with her through the lights in her house. It sounds silly and to many, it was absurd, but Joyce knew it was her son despite Sheriff Hopper and Jonathan Byers telling her she was going crazy. Instead of aving, Joyce went out of her way to test her theory, going as fas as buying multiple boxes of Christmas lights and stringing it up all around her house. She followed her gut and that was how she discovered that Will was alive. In the end, they realised that Joyce was right and they managed to save Will– which they wouldn’t have if Joye had just given up when everyone told her to. 

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