5 Fun Facts About Yuna’s Fiancé, Adam Sinclair

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On August 5th was a beautiful day for Yuna, 30 and Adam Sinclair, 33 as they both got engaged. They went for a traditional Malay engagement ceremony with men exchanging ‘pantun’ or poems and both families exchanging gifts. As quoted on Yuna’s Instagram post, she wore a mesmerizing periwinkle dress and Adam wore a modern cut Baju Melayu in the same shade both designed by Hatta Dolmat.

The ceremony was held at Yuna’s home in Shah Alam and the decor was filled with fresh flowers of purple, blue, white and pink hues from award-winning wedding planner, Reka Temmor. We’re so excited for the two love birds!

Meanwhile, if you’re not familiar with Adam Sinclair, here’s some trivia for you in case you’re wondering who Yuna’s fiance is.

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Adam is a local director who has won Best Short Film at the Malaysia Film Festival award for his 2012 work, Sanzaru, which you can watch below.

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