16 Cute Pokémon-Inspired Products You Simply Must Own!

You’ll love these Pokemon products for the kid in all of us!

Pokemon products featuring a group of Pikachu characters walking on a pavement in a Japanese city

Every site we go, they’ll be talking about Pokémon especially in fashion sites where we’ve noticed Pokémon and high end fashion mash up with PokexFashion. And every social media we go, Malaysians are talking about Pokémon Go as if it’s already available in Malaysia. We can’t imagine how it’ll be when it finally hits Malaysia’s shores. Since it’s not here just yet, why not collect some little cute stuff before the grand arrival of Pokémon Go which will be happening very time soon… We hope.

Talk about Pokémon, sleep Pokémon, eat Pokémon, well why not smell like one? This Pokémon Eau de Toilette has sold out at Fragrance.com and is currently selling like hot cakes at Amazon, it shows that the Pokémon craze is still alive and all. Marketed as a unisex perfume, with notes of orange blossom, vanilla, and musk, this perfume is perfect when you’re on the hunt to find Pokémon when Pokémon Go is finally here.

Just like how Ash can always count on Pikachu, we can trust our own Pikachu scrunchie to keep our hair in check when it’s on a hot day.

What’s cute without some makeup? In honor of the Pokémon craze, Japanese company ITS’ DEMO released a new Pokémon brand of cosmetics, where fans can now use Pokémon-inspired colors and palettes to create all of their favorite beauty looks.

They even come in nail polishes in 10 different glittery colours!

But the star of the makeup range has got to be the Pokémon eye shadow collection. Not only are there four sets to choose from, but each set comes with a total of 12 eye shadow where you can makeup yourself to your favourite pocket monsters.

Ever wonder what does a Pokémon does when it gets caught in a Pokéball? AVioletAccord created these cute dioramas where you get see little cute Pokémon miniatures just chillin’ in their Pokéballs.

A home won’t be complete without a little plant and having these adorable marbled Bulbasaur planter definitely adds up the quirk in your room. Besides plants, it can also be a jewelry holder or whatever you wish to please. Made by Jesmonite, this waterproof and durable material that looks and feels like stone sealed with a glossy finish.

Customization is the latest trend in fashion, so why not add these cute Pokéball pins on your jacket, backpacks or even jeans?

One can never have too many key chains and this polymer clay Pokémon key chains are so darn adorable!

You know you gotta catch ’em all with Pokéballs but you gotta catch this set of Pokéball ring, necklace and earring studs to your collection.

If diamonds aren’t your thing, then maybe this Pikachu tail necklace made from sterling silver plated with 24k gold takes the cake for you.

This cuddly handmade Ditto plush is a great cuddle buddy for your lonely nights.

Throwing a Pokémon themed party or just simply feel like baking a Pikachu cookie? This Pikachu cookie cutter is made from Biodegradable material. Smiltroy, the one selling the cookie cutters are even taking custom orders!

What about this super adorable ‘Gettin’ Jiggly With It’ t-shirt? 100% cotton, this unisex t-shirt will definitely be an ice breaker at a party.

What’s a better way to declare your other Pokémon mate with a sweet handmade card?

Playing Pokémon Go on a constant can drain your battery, and about time someone had made a very own Pokéball power bank. Comes with a battery pack of 5300mAh and 2.1 amps, which can fully charge and revive your phone 2-3 times.

A clasp is attached to the battery to conveniently fit on your belt loop or backpack so you can walk around all day without holding it.

Smart? We want 10 of these.